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Housing Options for Seniors

(3 Minute Read) The 2010 US Census revealed that there are 41.4 million people in our country aged 65 or older. By 2060, that number is expected to reach 92 million, with 18.2 million of those people aged 85 or

Can You Retire After Divorce?

(3 Minute Read) Divorce is taxing on everyone involved, both emotionally and financially. After the split is finalized, you’ve got a lot of restructuring to do if you still hope to retire comfortably. Alimony payments, child support, and decreased income

Reinventing Yourself for Retirement

(2 Minute Read) Retirement is a time for new adventures. You don’t retire just because you’ve hit a certain benchmark age or you’ve saved enough money, but rather because it’s time that you left the day-to-day lifestyle in order to

Would You Throw $100,000 Down the Drain?

(2 Minute Read) As a trusted advisor, your clients rely on you to make informed decisions on their behalf. You’re making choices that are directly impacting their finances—their lives—and they have faith that you’ll make the right decisions, or at

Eating Healthy on a Retiree’s Budget

(3 Minute Read) A tale as old as time, the constant struggle to eat healthily under a strict budget is something that everyone has to deal with, even during retirement. Our bodies’ most basic requirements are exercise and healthy food

Finding Bonuses for a Better Retirement

(3 Minute Read) Americans grow older knowing there will be Social Security benefits set aside for them after we reach 62. However, we’ve also now all become aware that in many cases, these benefits are not substantial enough to sustain

4 Ways to Live Your Dream Retirement

(2 Minute Read) We all do it: envision our retirements as a luxuriously relaxing period of traveling and crossing off our bucket list items. While this is the general goal for most of us, preparing for retirement correctly takes more

Where Do You Dream of Retiring?

(2 Minute Read) We all have a dream retirement spot: somewhere dry and arid, or sunny Florida, or floating on a boat near a Caribbean island. Wherever you dream of retiring, the important thing is that you’re beginning to consider

4 Things You Don’t Think You Can Do in Retirement (But Absolutely Can!)

(3 Minute Read) We all have preconceived notions about what possibilities are open to us during retirement, and which have passed us by. However, just because you believe something isn’t an option doesn’t mean that ship has really sailed. Here’s

Everything You Should Know About Life Policy Evaluations

(1 Minute Read) In today’s market, life insurance is becoming recognized as a “buy and manage” asset, not a “buy and hold” asset as it has traditionally been perceived. A life settlement is one way advisors can help policy holders