Five Tips for Financial Planning in the Wake of a Dementia Diagnosis

(5 Minute Read) Because dementia is progressive, there needs to be some consideration taken for what the future may hold. Medication and treatment can help to manage and even prevent later stages. However, one of the first and most important

Strategies to Help Senior Clients Check Off Their Bucket List

(3 Minute Read) When you’re going on the trip of a lifetime, there’s nothing worse than worrying about every nickel and dime you want to spend. In retirement, many seniors spend several decades living that way. Seniors are told they

Fight Dementia: Four Online Games to Keep Your Mind Sharp          

(4 Minute Read) As you or your loved ones grow older, it’s natural to think about combatting certain possibilities of aging like dementia. This affliction is devastating to individuals and families alike, even with the recent advances in modern medicine.

Seasonal Sundowning: How Fluctuating Seasons Affect Seniors with Dementia

(3 Minute Read) If you or a loved one is currently afflicted with dementia, you know the importance of establishing a firm and reliable routine. A schedule can keep Alzheimer’s sufferers on track and comfortable and even improve their quality

10 Foods that Improve Brain Power

(4 Minute Read) What you eat has a great effect on how you live your daily life. Those who consume fatty foods and refined sugars are more likely to suffer memory issues and lethargy, while a highly nutritious diet helps

The Effects of Meditation on Dementia

(5 Minute Read) As we age, our bodies become more vulnerable to illness, both mental and physical. Some of these conditions increase the likelihood of developing dementia. For example, 15-20% of seniors struggle with mild cognitive impairment (MCI), a condition

Basic Estate Planning Tips for Senior Clients with Dementia

(3 Minute Read) Financial advisors and other trusted professional counselors are facing increased need to work well with senior clients, both for their own success and to help this age group in need of support. There are 46 million Americans

The Biology of Aging: Facts and Figures Seniors Should Know

(4 Minute Read) The study of aging is incredibly important. Although it’s a process we all go through, the amount of research on aging is sorely lacking. Considering that the number of people in the United States over the age

Six Surprising Ways Seniors Can Reduce Risk for Dementia

(4 Minute Read) Dementia is a topic no one wants to think about. The effects of this disease can be heartbreaking and can occur quickly, often without warning. Even in the case that symptoms are caught early, the treatment may

Finding a Primary Care Physician: Tips for Seniors

(5 Minute Read) When entering retirement, taking steps to maintain a healthy lifestyle is a top priority. Nothing diminishes fun and relaxation like dealing with the red-tape of health care systems and illness. Routine check-ups and preventative measures can help