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The Big Misunderstanding About Term Policies

(2 minute Read) Term life insurance policies fulfill an obvious need in the market, helping people with a specific need for life insurance for a set amount of time. They’re a great “just in case” option, and one that the

Best states to retire in

The Four Best States to Retire In

(3 Minute Read) Getting ready for retirement is difficult. But, choosing where to live during retirement doesn’t have to be. When considering the best states for retirement, one method is to go the traditional route of living near family and

How to Budget for the High Costs of Living in Retirement

(4 Minute Read) The landscape of retirement has changed substantially since the days of company pensions, company provided health insurance, and secure Social Security benefits. Many seniors are facing high costs of living in retirement and crunching the numbers before

Going Above and Beyond: The Advisor’s Guide to Wowing Senior Clients

(3 Minute Read) When you work with senior clients, of course you take specific intentional actions that help ensure you can build client trust and security. But the resources you can offer your senior clients are growing and it’s important

Protecting Your Senior Loved Ones From Financial Abuse

(5 Minute Read) Caring for senior loved ones is a difficult job, and means taking steps to protect the elders in your life from falling prey to scams and other kinds of financial abuse. In fact, one in every five

Seniors: Don’t Fall Prey to These Social Security Scams

(4 Minute Read) It’s a scammer-eat-scammed world, and more and more scammers are preying on senior citizens than ever before. In fact, 26% of all scam fraud complaints that the Federal Trade Commission tracks involve people over 60, the largest

5 Tax Breaks Retirees Don’t Want to Miss

(3 Minute Read) Tax season can be a stressful time for anyone, but seniors juggling fixed incomes and balancing their budgets often find it to be particularly straining. As you prepare your taxes, don’t forget these 5 senior retiree tax

4 Expectations Every Senior Parent Has of Their Children

(3 Minute Read) When you moved out of your parents’ house, you had the whole world at your feet—your own journey ahead of you and so many opportunities to create the life you want for yourself. What many children don’t

Don’t Let Your Senior Clients Make These 3 Tax Mistakes

(4 Minute Read) With tax season on everyone’s minds, we thought it was a good time to make sure that advisors aren’t letting their senior clients make these three simple tax mistakes. As a trusted advisor, it’s imperative that you

3 Incredible Options to Pay for Senior Care

(4 Minute Read) Medical care and treatments become more and more prevalent in the lives of seniors as they age. More than 8.3 million seniors receive long-term care every year, and they all look for ways to keep up with