The 3 Biggest Portfolio Worries of the Fed’s Interest Hike

(2 Minute Read) We all knew the days of zero-percent interest couldn’t last forever. Now that the anticipated Federal interest rate hike has come, it’s time to think about what that change from .25% to .50% could mean for investments

Retirees: Save Your Money and Don’t Spend for These Things!

(3 Minute Read) When saving for retirement, every little bit helps. For those looking to retire, or are already retired, it’s important to understand the little ways you’re hurting yourself when trying to save and retain money. You have a

The Giant Opportunity You’re Missing in Life Insurance Trusts

(3 Minute Read) Many advisors use irrevocable life insurance trusts (ILITs) as a means to best handle their client’s money, and to ensure that the families of their clients are taken great care of in the event of the client’s

Are You Prepared For the Next Market Crash?

(3 Minute Read) We’d all like to believe that it’s impossible for the financial market to collapse again so soon after our last recession, but all factors point to a crash coming soon. While 2008’s financial crisis was linked to

Planning for Retirement with a Partner

(3 Minute Read) Planning for retirement can be confusing as it is, but when you’re married or share life with a partner, it takes on a whole new nuance. It isn’t just your own expenses and concerns you have to

5 Simple Ways to Pay for Home Health Care

(4 Minute Read) Growing older is just a part of life, and with it comes many different lifestyle changes. Medical necessities often pop up and as a result, having part or full time health care becomes necessary. When that happens,

What “The Price is Right” Can Teach Us About Retirement Planning

(3 Minute Read) The Price is Right has been on television for 43 years, a testament to its appeal. One of the reasons we’d argue that people love The Price is Right is the life lessons the show speaks to

4 Reasons You Should Rethink Retirement Planning

(3 Minute Read) Retirement has changed a lot in the last twenty years, so why should the way we plan for it stay the same? Here are four reasons you should rethink how you plan for your own retirement or

You Need HOW Much to Retire?!

(2 Minute Read) One million dollars. That’s how much expert analysts are saying most retirees need in order to successfully retire. Most Americans are simply nowhere near that. The reason? It’s because the Feds have kept the interest rate at

The 4 Worst Mistakes People Make When Planning for Retirement

(3 Minute Read) Planning for retirement isn’t easy. Typically, you start planning for it at a young age, but over time the kind of life you lead changes, and with those changes comes new priorities and perspectives. Regardless of when