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Helping your Parents Downsize for Retirement

(3 Minute Read) When it comes time to assist your parents during their transition to retirement, one of the beginning steps can be having a conversation about downsizing. There are several values to downsizing for retirement. First and foremost, ensuring

Staying in Shape: Easy Fitness Tips for Seniors

(4 Minute Read) Staying active at any age is important, but for seniors, regular exercise benefits not only mobility and strength, but mental clarity and mood. Even if you’ve never been active, there are easy ways to build healthy exercise

4 of the Worst Estate Planning Mistakes and Their Consequences

(3 Minute Read) Fewer than half of American seniors have a will or trust document, according to’s survey of adult children. That means a huge population of potential clients aren’t even considering estate planning. However, even if clients have

Living Abroad as a Senior: Where to Go and How to Do it

(4 Minute Read) After retiring from a life-long career, it can be difficult to remember that you have the world at your feet. Although many seniors make traveling a priority after retiring, you might not be considering the benefits of

Dementia Warning Signs

(3 Minute Read) Memory loss is common with age. However, suffering from memory loss is not the same as suffering from dementia. Often incorrectly referred to as “senility,” dementia is actually caused by damage to the brain cells. This means

Living with your Aging Parents: Tips and Tricks for Making It Work

(3 Minute Read) When deciding to move your elderly parent into your home, there are many factors to consider: whether or not you can provide adequate care, the cost of their care and other living expenses, and how difficult the

LSA Newsletter: What Senior Clients Look for in a Financial Advisor

(3 Minute Read) As a financial advisor, you have an idea of the needs of each demographic you serve. But, as you expand and grow within your industry, you may be asked to serve groups you don’t know that much

Nutrition Tips for Seniors

(3 Minute Read) Managing your nutrition as you age might seem daunting, especially if you’ve had the same eating habits for years. While those habits might have served you in the past, changing them can help you have more energy

Summer Wellness for Seniors

(3 Minute Read) As you age and your body changes, your wellness needs also change. However, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the summer fun. When spending time with friends and family this summer, take some time

Technology Hacks for Seniors

(5 Minute Read) Technology today is always changing. There’s a lot to learn if you ever want to catch up with the grand-kids. However, choosing the right devices and features can help you better understand and use the technology now