Three Big Financial Mistakes Often Made by Retirees

(2 Minute Read) Everyone makes financial mistakes in their life, but after retirement, the effects of those bad decisions could have bigger repercussions than they would for a younger person. Some elements of retirement, like Social Security, present the opportunity

The 4% Withdrawal Rate Might Not Be The Best For Your Clients

(2 Minute Read) As an advisor, there’s not doubt you’ve heard of the 4% Rule when it comes to retirement planning. However, before settling for this standard rule-of-thumb for every client, it’s good practice that you are fully educated on

4 Uncommon Tips for A Happy Retirement

(3 Minute Read) People heading into retirement get a lot of advice about lifestyle, money management, and how to spend their new free time. If you’re tired of hearing the same old tips, here are some new ones which we

Congress Shuts Down an Advantageous Retirement Filing Strategy

(2 Minute Read) If you’ve been working with senior clients for quite some time, then you’ve hopefully heard about the “file and suspend” Social Security filing strategy.

Retirement: Where Does All the Money Come From?

(3 Minute Read) Seniors gearing up for retirement have a difficult task ahead of them: planning out an entire retirement’s worth of finances. Many don’t fully realize where all of their retirement funds come from to begin with.

How to Give to Parents Without Risking Your Own Future

(3 Minute Read) The desire and obligation to care for our aging parents is cross-generational in the United States. Ameritrade found in a 2015 study that 25% of the Boomer generation and 20% of both Millennials and Gen X-ers are

What is the Social Security Trust Fund and What Will Happen When It Runs Out?

(4 Minute Read) Seniors have relied on Social Security benefits to get them through their retirement years for decades. Whether retirees left work with a hefty savings account or not, Social Security always padded those funds and filled a very

4 Expenses Retirees Forget to Plan For

(2 Minute Read) It’s not a secret that common costs of retirement include housing, bills, and medical expenses, but there are some things about retirement that not everyone plans for. Many retirees overlook, or they underestimate the amount they need

3 Common Ways Seniors Might Be Wasting Money

(3 Minute Read) As we get older, we continually work to get a firm grasp on our finances. This is especially true for seniors nearing retirement. If you haven’t already done so, it’s a good practice to review all of

3 Ways Seniors Can Avoid Working Until They Die

(3 Minute Read) The idea of having to work until a debilitating illness, or even death, forces you to stop is becoming increasingly more realistic for aging Americans. Out of 1,000 people surveyed by Wells Fargo in 2013, 37% believed