When Is It Time for Survivorship Insurance

As you and your partner cruise out into your golden years, the last thing you want to worry about is estate planning. You’re interested in keeping busy living life to the fullest and enjoying your newfound wealth of post-retirement free time, but you also want to be sure you’ve found the right life insurance policy to help your loved ones after you’ve passed. With traditional life insurance, both you and your partner would need individual coverage. However, a survivorship insurance plan covers two people and isn’t paid out until after both parties have died, meaning a larger inheritance for your heirs and a more affordable premium for you and your spouse. Here’s a handy list of everything you need to know before pursuing a survivorship insurance policy.

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Dating in Retirement: Tips for Seniors on Valentine’s Day

Dating in retirement has many benefits. You won’t be navigating the hormones and confusion that come along with dating for many younger individuals, and you’ll know that your prospective partner has life experience and stories to share. However, the world of dating has changed quite a lot since today’s baby boomers were in their 20s and 30s. No longer do we cozy up at restaurant shops and share sodas. Today, a large percentage of dating occurs online. In fact, use of online dating sites has nearly tripled since 2013. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll need to start up your computer to get a date, but it may make getting back out there feel more like a toe at a time rather than a dive right in.

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The Benefits of Offering Life Settlements

Life settlements offer your clients financial stability and a much-needed cash injection during the often-unstable years of  retirement. But what about for you, as a financial advisor? Aside from providing your clients with peace of mind, what bonuses and opportunities do life settlements provide you and your bottom line? It may be surprising to hear, but there’s just as many – if not more – benefits for your business.

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Medicare Basics for New Retirees

This article was graciously written by Danielle Kunkle Roberts, Co-owner, Boomer Benefits

Turning 65 can be a truly exciting time in your life. Retirement is on the horizon for many people and they look forward to enjoying hobbies and vacations and spending time with family.

One thing that’s not always so fun about turning 65, however, is trying to learn Medicare. With 4 parts and dozens of supplemental and drug options, it’s easy to get confused and overwhelmed by all the choices.

Something we’ve learned is that it’s important to start with the basics. Once you learn and understand what your Original Medicare covers, it’s easier to grasp the supplemental choices.

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Surprising Incentives for Financial Advisors and Life Insurance Agents Offering Life Settlements

The business of life insurance seems pretty well defined for both those who purchase life insurance and those who sell it. But, the reality is, life insurance isn’t quite as clear a picture as once believed. In fact, many people don’t know that legislation in the early 1900’s deemed life insurance an asset that can be bought and sold just like a house or a car. Ultimately, this means that for those who’ve purchased life insurance who no longer need it, there’s an opportunity to sell and find some financial liquidity. For financial advisors and life insurance agents there are also many advantages in both reputation and bottom line. The following list breaks down these perks.

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Investment Tips for Seniors – It’s Never Too Late

If you’re concerned about a continuing income after you’ve collected your last paycheck, you may be considering financial strategies such as playing the stock market, purchasing mutual funds, or investing in real estate. But unless you’ve had prior experience in investing, it can seem daunting to start now. However, the truth is that investing isn’t just a young person’s game; these financial opportunities are a real option for senior citizens. Before you get started in building a diverse and robust portfolio, there are a few tips to help guide you on your way.

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