Home Care Costs and Retirement

(3 Minute Read) Health care costs are rising across the board, but nursing home bills are without a doubt skyrocketing the fastest. Their expense has grown at twice the rate of US inflation for the last five years. To avoid

How Will Rising Healthcare Costs Affect My Retirement?

(2 Minute Read) The rising cost of healthcare, coupled with an ever-increasing\ human life expectancy, has many retirees and their caregivers concerned about healthcare costs during retirement. How much can you rely on Medicare, what are the costs of a

How To Retire as a Small Business Owner

(2 Minute Read) A recent survey shows that more than half of small business owners don’t have a retirement plan in place, and more than one-quarter don’t believe they will be able to retire comfortably. These numbers alone make financial

4 Things Any Financial Advisor Can Learn From Their Grandparents

(3 Minute Read) There’s a lot we can learn from our grandparents, and as a financial advisor working with seniors and soon-to-be retirees, it’s useful to channel all those lessons you remember about your grandparents when advising your clients. From

What Type of Life Insurance is Right for Me?

(3 Minute Read) The world of life insurance is vast, and for anyone trying to navigate it without a thorough understanding of what they’re looking for, it’s easy to get lost. Here, we wanted to provide a primer on the

Thinking About Surrendering a Life Insurance Policy? What Are Your Options?

(2 Minute Read) For one reason or another, sometimes people find themselves with life insurance policies they no longer want or need. The premium may be too high, or the policy may simply be underperforming, or the need for the

3 Tools Financial Advisors Didn’t Know They Had

(2 Minute Read) Being a financial advisor comes with its own share of stress. For many companies and individuals, financial advisors are extremely important components to building the future they want for themselves. And though this is a heavy task,

Does Social Security Actually Hurt Your Retirement?

(3 Minute Read) Many Americans rely on Social Security benefits in retirement. We pay into it our entire working lives, so why not use it when it comes time for us to enjoy our golden years? However, with so much

How Does the Affordable Care Act Impact Seniors?

(3 Minute Read) The Affordable Care Act was designed with the intention to help uninsured Americans access affordable healthcare. The changes brought on the ability for those uninsured or underinsured to take advantage of not only preventative services, but also

Housing Options for Seniors

(3 Minute Read) The 2010 US Census revealed that there are 41.4 million people in our country aged 65 or older. By 2060, that number is expected to reach 92 million, with 18.2 million of those people aged 85 or