Helping Seniors Cope With Hearing Loss

(3 Minute Read) One in three people 60-plus and two-thirds of people 70-plus have hearing loss. It’s a growing issue for the Baby Boomers, with over 15% of the population already affected. If your parents or other senior loved ones

Weatherproofing Your Parents’ Home: Made Easy

(2 Minute Read) If you live in a region of the state where blustering wind and snow are a traditional part of your winter, you’re likely considering weatherproofing. For seniors, these tasks might not be front of mind, or might

4 Best Spots to See Fall Foliage

(3 Minute Read) Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons for travel. Whether going solo, with a loved one, or with the grandchildren, knowing the best spots to witness the glory of the turning leaves will really make the

The Pros and Cons of Marriage After Retirement

(3 Minute Read) The number of couples older than 50 who were living together outside of marriage more than doubled between 2000 and 2010, and has continued to climb. It isn’t that older adults are afraid of commitment, but rather

Autumn Health and Safety Hazards for Seniors

(4 Minute Read) The leaves will soon be changing and the weather’s even starting to get chilly. As much as fall is a time for enjoying nature’s beauty, it’s also a time to prepare for oncoming winter weather and health

Live Within Your Means, So You Can Enjoy Retirement

(3 Minute Read) Controlling your expenses in retirement can be frustrating. When you’ve entered your golden years with the workday routine behind you, you crave comfort and entertainment. You may pick up new hobbies that come with their own set

4 Common Home Hazards that Pose Risks to Seniors

(4 Minute Read) Having conversations with your elderly loved ones about their mobility and agency is difficult. When roles are flipped and suddenly the child is caring for the parents, negotiating the eggshells and nuances of this dialogue is important.

Helping your Parents Downsize for Retirement

(3 Minute Read) When it comes time to assist your parents during their transition to retirement, one of the beginning steps can be having a conversation about downsizing. There are several values to downsizing for retirement. First and foremost, ensuring

Staying in Shape: Easy Fitness Tips for Seniors

(4 Minute Read) Staying active at any age is important, but for seniors, regular exercise benefits not only mobility and strength, but mental clarity and mood. Even if you’ve never been active, there are easy ways to build healthy exercise

4 of the Worst Estate Planning Mistakes and Their Consequences

(3 Minute Read) Fewer than half of American seniors have a will or trust document, according to’s survey of adult children. That means a huge population of potential clients aren’t even considering estate planning. However, even if clients have