Resort and Vacation Destinations for Seniors

(4 Minute Read) One of the greatest perks of retirement is a chance to use your newfound free time to travel. Without a 9-to-5 schedule or nagging work requirements, you can finally start planning that long vacation you’ve always talked

Three Types of Retirees That Benefit from Selling Their Life Insurance Policy

(3 Minute Read) Many advisors hesitate to share the news about life settlement opportunities with their clients because it doesn’t always seem like a natural fit. Selling a life insurance policy to a third party for a lump sum of

how to surrender a life insurance policy

How to Surrender a Life Insurance Policy

(3 Minute Read) As a senior citizen, planning your estate’s future should be one of your highest priorities. Though you may have savings or a pension plan, it’s important to continue keeping a look out for any potential revenue streams,

What Medicare Does—And Does Not—Cover

(4 Minute Read) Some people over the age of 65 think of Medicare as a life raft, keeping them afloat in their retirement. Others see it as a life raft, sure, but one that is taking on water. For those

The Benefits of a Life Settlement for a Senior

(3 minute Read) When you reach retirement age, you probably envision yourself having a lot of fun. Be it trips to the beach or traveling to the Grand Canyon, your retirement should be all about getting the most out of

The State of Social Security in 2018 and Beyond

(5 Minute Read) Some folks who are looking to retire soon might be worried about the future of social security. Fortunately, according to the most recent trustee report on Social Security, it seems that Social Security should remain solvent (with

Budget Tips for Medicare Recipients

(3 Minute Read) Medicare recipients can sometimes feel like their whole budget goes to insurance premiums and medical expenses. But with tips like these, individuals on a fixed income can make a budget that supports their retirement goals, encourages better

Helping Grandchildren Cope with a Grandparent’s Dementia Diagnosis

(3 Minute Read) With a dementia diagnosis, family life will likely be impacted. Children who are old enough to recognize the behavior changes in their loved ones with dementia will have questions and concerns but knowing how to address these

Stages of Dementia

(3 Minute Read) The stages of dementia are measured using the Global Deterioration Scale for Assessment of Primary Degenerative Dementia, more colloquially known as GDS or the Reisberg Scale. GDS breaks dementia down into seven distinct stages, each with its

A Caregiver’s Guide to Communicating with Dementia Patients

(3 Minute Read) Freedom is important for anyone, but for seniors with dementia, maintaining autonomy is difficult. However, a skilled and confident caregiver can make a big difference in helping seniors with dementia navigate the changes a diagnosis brings while