The 4 Worst Mistakes People Make When Planning for Retirement

(3 Minute Read) Planning for retirement isn’t easy. Typically, you start planning for it at a young age, but over time the kind of life you lead changes, and with those changes comes new priorities and perspectives. Regardless of when

How Do You Care for an Aging Parent?

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I’m Retired. Do I Need Life Insurance?

(3 Minute Read) A lot of things change after you retire. It takes a lot of time to adjust to your extra free time, no longer needing to wake up at a certain time to be at the office. And

5 Great Benefits of Converting a Non-Liquid Asset to Cash

(3 Minute Read) Life settlements are a great way to turn non-liquid assets into additional money. But what can be done with it? A life settlement opens up a world of possibilities—not just for your client, but for you as

3 Wise Investment Options for Seniors

(2 Minute Read) Just because you’ve saved up for retirement doesn’t always mean you’ll have the funds necessary to get you through it. It’s hard to plan for everything that can come with retirement, especially higher medical bills. One thing

What Boomers with Aging Parents Need to Know

(2 Minute Read) As Baby Boomers start to retire, there are probably a lot of things on their minds: where they might move, a few nice vacations, new ways to fill their time. But one of the things that many

How Much is Enough? Why Saving for Retirement is So Hard

(2 Minute Read) How much is enough when saving for retirement? Saving for retirement is a lot harder than most seniors think—it’s more than relying on Social Security and an annuity or pension. Making a judgement of what your retirement

No Social Security COLA? How Can Seniors Still Get By?

(2 Minute Read) It was recently announced that there will be no cost of living adjustment made to Social Security Benefits in 2016—and many are foretelling that 2017 will also be a slim year for seniors. What steps can you

Why Changes in Medicare Mean Trouble for Boomers

(2 Minute Read) The United States is in the middle of a major shift in the way we provide and pay for medical services. When a doctor wants to bill an insurance company for a treatment they provided you, they

How To Avoid Scammers and Keep Your Retirement Fund Safe

(2 Minute Read) In today’s technology driven world, we’re all constantly faced with scammers and their new bags of tricks. It’s important to know what these scams look like and how to avoid them. This is especially important for seniors,