Filling Your Daily Planner as a Retiree

(3 Minute Read) The golden years of retirement are a time to live life to its fullest. As opposed to the years spent at work, where the days fill up quickly, you’re now free to do the things you want,

Educating Senior Clients about Life Settlements

(3 Minute Read)  A financial advisor provides their clients opportunities and advice that will help them for years to come. If your client is a senior working towards retirement you want them to know all of their options. There are

What is the Life Settlement Industry?

(3 Minute Read) By the time Americans reach retirement age, it’s likely they have a good understanding of the concept of insurance and how an insurance company makes money. What isn’t as understood is how the life settlement industry works,

Maintaining a Steady Income Stream in Retirement

(3 Minute Read) When we imagine retirement, it’s often as a relaxing and picturesque time with glasses of lemonade, sitting on porch swings, and lots of fun with the grandkids. However, without a reliable paycheck coming in each week, it’s

Help Your Senior Clients Achieve Their Winter Travel Dreams

(3 Minute Read) Nobody likes shoveling the snow off the sidewalk or driving on icy roads, especially seniors. So, when winter hits, many people think about getting away to someplace warmer. Maybe your client wants to go on a Christmas

What Is The Value of My Life Insurance Policy?

(3 Minute Read) You’ve probably heard about the wonderful opportunity a life settlement can offer you in your retirement. Did you know you can sell all or a portion of a life insurance policy, even term insurance? By cashing in

Senior Discounts on Medical Supplies

(4 Minute Read) Medical expenses are a unique pressure on every retiree’s budget. On one hand, you’re spending money on essential medicines and supplies to manage your health. On the other hand, costs for medical expenses are continually rising. The

I Want to Sell My Life Insurance Policy: What Comes Next?

(1 Minute Read) A lot of reading goes into retiring. You might be researching Medicare or even new hobbies. A lot of research goes into financial security or whether or not you’ll be able to retire comfortably. This often brings

Traveling with a Chronic Health Issue

(3 Minute Read) As a retiree, it’s no surprise you’re looking to hit the highways or head to the skies as part of a long vacation. You’ve worked your whole life, saving and keeping an eye on your nest egg

The Benefits of Health Savings Accounts for Retirement

(3 Minute Read) Many Americans utilize retirement plans like IRAs and employer-sponsored 401(k)s to save money for the future, but these aren’t the only tools you can take advantage of to maximize your financial power. One often overlooked resource for