4 Ways to Help Senior Clients Reach Their Best Financial Future

(4 Minute Read) Some senior clients who are approaching retirement may already feel confident their financial future is secure, but in America, a majority are facing increasing uncertainty with little to no savings. When older clients approach their financial advisor

When Is It Time for Survivorship Insurance

(4 Minute Read) As you and your partner cruise out into your golden years, the last thing you want to worry about is estate planning. You’re interested in keeping busy living life to the fullest and enjoying your newfound wealth

Dating in Retirement: Tips for Seniors on Valentine’s Day

(4 Minute Read) Dating in retirement has many benefits. You won’t be navigating the hormones and confusion that come along with dating for many younger individuals, and you’ll know that your prospective partner has life experience and stories to share.

The Benefits of Offering Life Settlements

(4 Minute Read) Life settlements offer your clients financial stability and a much-needed cash injection during the often-unstable years of  retirement. But what about for you, as a financial advisor? Aside from providing your clients with peace of mind, what

Medicare Basics for New Retirees

This article was graciously written by Danielle Kunkle Roberts, Co-owner, Boomer Benefits (4 Minute Read) Turning 65 can be a truly exciting time in your life. Retirement is on the horizon for many people and they look forward to enjoying

Surprising Incentives for Financial Advisors and Life Insurance Agents Offering Life Settlements

(4 Minute Read) The business of life insurance seems pretty well defined for both those who purchase life insurance and those who sell it. But, the reality is, life insurance isn’t quite as clear a picture as once believed. In

Investment Tips for Seniors – It’s Never Too Late

(5 Minute Read) If you’re concerned about a continuing income after you’ve collected your last paycheck, you may be considering financial strategies such as playing the stock market, purchasing mutual funds, or investing in real estate. But unless you’ve had

Questions to Ask an Advisor When Renewing Insurance

(4 Minute Read) Property insurance, auto insurance, and life insurance are all intended to protect policy holders in uncertain or emergency situations. However, as we age, the risks and liabilities we face change with our circumstances and experience. It’s tempting

Creative Ways to Boost Your Clients’ Income

(3 Minute Read) As a financial advisor, your clients look to you for guidance and reassurance that they’re taking the right steps in their money management. But more so than others, your senior citizen clientele depend on you to help

Interesting Products Financial Advisors Can Share with their Clients

(3 Minute Read) Ensuring that all of your clients have educational resources at their disposal is a huge part of an advisor’s job. Of course, no matter the age of your clients, more financial knowledge is helpful to have. But,