Should You Retire Due to Illness

(2 Minute Read) Illnesses and health conditions are the reasons many seniors take early retirement. Whether they are physical, like MS, or mentally crippling conditions like depression or Alzheimer’s, illnesses that manifest during early or middle old age can have

How to Talk with Clients About Life Settlements

(3 Minute Read) Many seniors simply aren’t aware that they have an option to supplement their retirement funds through a life settlement. Some advisors aren’t even aware of this option. Those advisors who do know about life settlements are often

The Two Biggest Retirement Costs

(2 Minute Read) The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that a retiree that makes a salary of $50,000 before taxes should expect to need between $35,000 and $45,000 every year in retirement to maintain the same lifestyle. What many seniors

Surprising Costs of In-Home Care

(3 Minute Read) Medical attention is often a necessary part of senior living, so necessary that it has to be part of a senior’s everyday life. Retirement communities, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes are the first options many seniors

These 4 Tools Will Have Your Clients Saying “Wow!”

(3 Minute Read) As a financial advisor, you’re not constantly interacting with your clients. You plan regular meetings throughout the year and communicate outside those meetings only when necessary. Despite this lack of facetime, you can still continually wow your

3 Secret Affordable Retirement Spots

(3 Minute Read) Many seniors look forward to the day they can retire and while everyone has their own plans, there’s generally two types of retirees: those who want to stay at home and those who want to move somewhere

Seniors May Be Missing Out on $112 Billion

(2 Minute Read) Even as life settlements become more widely utilized, seniors are still missing out on an outrageous amount of money from lapsed life insurance. An article by Darwin Bayston</a > highlights that in 2008, nearly $57 billion worth

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The Many Healthcare Options for Seniors

(2 Minute Read) There are many healthcare options out there for seniors. From government-funded programs to private insurance plans, it’s important that any senior looking to increase or change their healthcare benefits and coverage should know what’s available to them.

Surviving Market Volatility in Retirement

(2 Minute Read) The stock market is notoriously profitable, but also notoriously changeable. Many of those already in retirement or hoping to retire in the next few years have investments like 401(k) plans and IRAs which they hope will support