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The most popular content streaming options, like YouTube TV, Netflix, and Hulu, all cost money to use. But it’s frustrating when spending one $12.99 a month subscription after another doesn’t add up to content you want to watch. Well, good news—we created this list of totally free television and movies online. Some of these options get money from ads, while others are privately owned or even run by the library. See if any of these sound like a fun option to check out and maybe rediscover old movies and tv shows you love.


You may have heard of IMDb, where movie information, trivia, and ratings are catalogued for easy searching. The site now offers an ad-supported streaming service with movies, television series, and even original programming. The library of third-party content includes old classics up to modern blockbusters and prime-time hits.


Tubi is another ad-supported free service, with a library of content from MGM, Paramount, Lionsgate, and other production studios. Their offerings run the gamut from reality television to dramatic feature-length films. Tubi is available for free on Android and iOS operating systems, smart televisions, game systems, and the Internet.


A free television streaming option from ViacomCBS, Pluto, lets you watch live television like the local news, national news, weather, and other channels like Comedy Central or Nickelodeon. The app also hosts on-demand streaming options of movies and television series. Some on-demand options include ads, while others do not.


Hoopla is a streaming source powered by your local library. Through the service, you can borrow episodes, movies, eBooks, music, or anything else your library offers with the service. Hoopla currently offers content from over 1,500 libraries across the US and Canada. You enter a library card number to access the catalog, but unlike checking the materials out, content is available on-demand to everyone using the service at once.


STIRR is owned and offered by the Sinclair Broadcast Group, the second-largest television operator in the US. This platform allows access to live TV like news and television shows, as well as on-demand content. Once you select your city and state, you’ll have access to local channels and content, as well as the national broadcasts.

Enjoy Secure, Free Content Streaming

The internet is a big place, and these are just five of the great free streaming services out there. Finding free movies and free television online can be difficult or lead to viruses, but these professional platforms are all options you can trust. Happy watching!

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