Finding Fun with Geocaching

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For many, the idea of a treasure hunt evokes images of pirates and swashbucklers, or perhaps of Nicholas Cage screaming “Where is the Declaration of Independence?” at the Lincoln Memorial. But while these scenarios may be a fantasy, there’s a much easier way for everyday folks to fulfill such dreams thanks to a popular real-world game called geocaching.

Invented back in the year 2000 by computer and puzzle enthusiast Dave Ulmer, the rules were as simple: place a secret container out in the woods, provide GPS coordinates and a few clues, and let players seek out the “hidden treasure.” Since then, it has become a global phenomenon, thanks to its easy availability, widespread participation, and straightforward rules. But if you’re just catching up to the trend, we have got you covered; let’s explore the world of geocaching and find out why exactly everyone is having so much fun with it.

Geocaching 101

If you’ve ever played a game of “Hot or Cold,” you already know how to play! Geocaching is a crowdsourced treasure hunt.  Players all over the world plant hidden stashes of objects, and then leave it to other players to find them. The “seekers” use GPS technology to follow longitude and latitude coordinates. From there, it’s a matter of searching areas carefully for small, often camouflaged or disguised “treasure chests.”

Users can also find helpful clues and hints in online forums or through downloadable apps.

Each cache contains a logbook that allows finders to make a record of their achievement, as well as leave messages for future seekers on the treasure trail. The treasure chests are never buried and generally are not stashed in difficult to reach locations. This all makes for a perfect activity for seniors and retirees, not to mention an exciting activity for any grandchildren or family friends to come along.  And because these geocaches are hidden outside, it’s a great chance to explore areas of nature you may have never seen before.

How Every Cache Is Unique

When the game was first conceived by Ulmer two decades ago, he had one simple rule for the finders: “Take some stuff, leave some stuff.” Though the objective and hunt are always the same, each cache is uniquely designed. The containers vary in size, ranging from large Tupperwares to small film canisters. Inside seekers find various tokens or small items chosen by the person who set it up. In order to keep the game going and open for all, players will either leave the cache as is for the next participant, or possibly add or trade objects, depending on the specific instructions.

Before beginning the hunt, players will get general details on what to look for; however, some can get pretty complex, such as with elaborate puzzles to unlock the container.
In fact, there are some caches where finding it is just the beginning of the challenge. In addition to the basic or classic cache setup, there are many user-created variations that extend the steps. For example, a multi-cache container will contain further coordinates to find the rest of the items. In the case of a “moving cache” players will receive instructions on where to move it for the next arrival. Again, these details will all be explained in the directions for the specific cache, so no need to fear a complicated or dense rulebook.

Best Geocaching Apps

Geocaching has become easier and easier thanks to our handy smartphones, all of which are equipped with pinpoint GPS tracking.  While there are free websites such as OpenCache, many geocachers use premium paid apps on their smartphones. These apps are generally a one-time purchase, and the cost is rarely over $10.

“Geocache” In On The Fun

At its core, geocaching is wildly simple and easy to play. There are no timers, score, or referees, just a set of directions and the open world in front of you. The fact is there’s nearly no wrong way to geocache, as long as you’re paying attention to the basic guidelines and making sure everyone has a chance to find the treasure you seek. Once you get a few under you belt, we have a feeling you’ll be hooked for life.

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