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What Are the Two Questions the Retiree Must Answer Before They Retire?

The two biggest things to consider before retiring for a retiree are: 1. How much money they have 2. How much money they’ll need When a financial advisor is working on helping clients retire, getting into the specifics of these

How Do You Talk to Someone About Their Retirement?

Talking to a new client about their plans for retirement is the first step a financial advisor takes toward helping clients retire. This is a chance to learn the client’s long-term goals and current finances. Then it’s possible to chart

How Do You Evaluate a Retirement Plan?

If you are a financial advisor, helping clients retire with financial security is likely a regular part of your work. But how do you evaluate their existing retirement plan to see how it stacks up with their needs and fulfill

What Is a Retirement Plan Advisor?

For many financial advisors, helping clients retire comfortably is one of the most satisfying aspects of their job. They apply their unique expertise and knowledge to develop strategies to help clients to plan for their retirement and future. Clients expect

How Much Does an Advisor Make on a 401k Plan?

If you are a fiduciary financial advisor, then you have to have your clients’ best interests in mind. However, there is only so much you can do for a client’s 401(k) plan since you don’t have access to their account.

4 Key Factors to Consider When Planning for Retirement – Advisor’s Edition

How many clients come to you, their financial advisor, and express concerns about retirement? Some fret over paying unexpected medical expenses. Others worry about having too much debt. Many simply worry, “Will I be able to save enough money?” Helping

What Is a Good Monthly Retirement Income?

The question of when to exit the working force has only become more complex over time. In addition to the COVID-19 pandemic draining the pockets of hopeful retirees, the resulting economic downturn and inflation have also made retirement seem unattainable

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Retirement Questions for Financial Advisors

A significant part of helping clients retire is navigating your client’s many concerns and questions about exiting the working world. Although the prospect of retirement is often an exciting time, it can also be filled with uncertainty and worry. This

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Benefits of Retirement Planning

As a financial advisor, it’s not uncommon to hear clients who are nearing retirement wonder, “Is it better to retire or keep working?” Younger clients may ask things like, “What is the most important factor in retirement planning?” Retirement—and all

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Retirement Planning Advisor Life Settlement Use Cases

Even the best retirement financial advisor may never have facilitated a life settlement for a senior client. But life settlements are helping people retire with more cash on hand and fewer recurring bills on a fixed income. Life settlements yield