Holiday Air Travel Tips for Seniors

(5 Minute Read) It happens every time: the day of your flight arrives, and you can’t decide if you feel excited or exhausted. Traveling is always full of unexpected excitements, and of course, there’s whatever joy waits at your destination,

Top Diabetes-Friendly Thanksgiving Menu Items

(4 Minute Read) Thanksgiving is a time to spend with family, feast, and share in fellowship. But, for someone with diabetes, Thanksgiving can prove a difficult holiday to navigate. If you’re cooking for a senior loved one with diabetes, you’ll

Shopping Smart This Holiday Season: Tips for Seniors

(3 Minute Read) The holidays are an excellent time for getting together with family, feeling nostalgic, and sitting by the window with a warm cup of cocoa. But, without proper planning, the holidays can be expensive and even frustrating. When

Celebrating Holidays for Alzheimer’s Families

(4 Minute Read) The holidays are stressful enough as it is. Not only is the weather chilly, you have to get the presents ready, get the food ready, and get the house in ship shape for hosting your holiday guests.

The Case for Elder Care Specialists in Financial Advising

(3 Minute Read) It’s hard to decide on a single reason that we need more genuinely-committed elder care specialists in the financial planning industry. Is it simply based in numbers, because over 13% of the US population is aged 65

Halloween of Days Gone By

(3 Minute Read) The fall is an incredibly nostalgic month for many. In fact, Researchers at the University of Southampton recently discovered that the ideas brought on by nostalgia actually change our physical bodies. Simply put, nostalgia makes us warm

Great Fall Activities with Grandkids

(3 Minute Read) Though kids today might seem too distracted by devices, grandparents often find Fall is a great time to make memories with their grandkids doing many of the same things they once loved. As the weather gets chilly

Sneaky Symptoms: Type 2 Diabetes Warning Signs

(3 Minute Read) Diabetes is an epidemic for the elderly in America. Over 25% of American seniors are living with diabetes, some undiagnosed. It’s crucial to maintain your health and watch your sugar intake. Although diagnosis is something for the

The Diabetic’s Guide to Halloween Treats

(3 Minute Read) Your grandchildren look forward to Halloween for several reasons, but one of the best is certainly satisfying that sweet tooth. Being there to share in the memorable moments of Halloween means you’ll be watching children and adults

Helping Senior Clients Refinance: Reverse Mortgages

(4 Minute Read) Keeping up with residential maintenance can get difficult for seniors for all kinds of reasons, from physical to financial. As an advisor, you know the state of your client’s finances and are well-equipped to understand whether or