Socializing in a Retirement Community

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Making a move to a retirement community means a lot of changes. However, the goal should be to live your life the same way you did while at home. Seeking out friends and enriching social connections is an important element of feeling comfortable and content. Though it may feel a little nerve wracking, there are some easy ways to get to know fellow residents and socialize with new friends.

Join a Club

Many retirement homes and communities have clubs and groups that are designed to keep seniors engaged and happy. These could include book clubs, gardening groups, movie viewing, or faith-based discussions. There may even be more niche activities, such as woodworking or art therapy classes. If you’re unable to find a group that meets your interests, consider asking to start one. These retirement communities are built to support you and your fellow residents, so this can be a great chance to share your hobbies with new friends.

Play Games with Fellow Residents

Staying competitive and having fun are huge parts of a happy retirement. Whether it’s cards, board games, dominos, or video games, these kinds of activities are great for building connections and friendships with your fellow residents. It can even become its own kind of club, with weekly or daily sessions that give you something to look forward to. However, it’s important to remember that games are just that – games. Avoid getting emotional or personal during these rounds of play, and keep things light. 

Go On Community Trips

Often, a retirement community will offer trips and outings as a way to keep seniors engaged and fulfilled. The reason these are done as group experiences is to not only offer travel and outdoor activities, but to build and foster friendships between residents. These could include local excursions to casinos, beaches, parks, and malls, as well as more long-distance trips to notable points of interest or even a night at a theater. What’s important is to ensure you’re chatting with others and sharing these experiences. By the end of an outing, you may find yourself with a new best friend! 

Introduce Your Family to Neighbors

When family and loved ones come to visit, it’s understandable to want some alone time with them. However, it can be exciting to use these social calls as a chance to deepen friendships by introducing them to your new friends. Not only does this help give loved ones a look into your new life, it also strengthens your connections with people around you. They get to know you better and can more easily relate when you talk about family and the people you care about.

Maintaining friendships is a big part of staying connected to the world around us. Though a move to a retirement community can be overwhelming, the fact is that these homes are filled with other people just like you. By seeking out built-in chances for socializing and staying upbeat and conversational, you can easily build new networks of friends and companions.

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