Spring Property Checklist for Seniors

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As the winter months turn to faint memories, celebrating the arrival of spring seems to be on everyone’s minds. For homeowners, this can be a great chance to ensure that your property is up to par. The colder portion of the year can do great damage to a house and its surrounding area, and there are of course new challenges to consider that occur in the warmer months of spring and summer. Here is a handy checklist of activities and repairs for your property this spring.

Spring House Exterior Checklist

Following a harsh winter, you may find chipped paint, damaged shingles, or detached and  clogged gutters. With the snow and ice cleared away, it can be much easier to see where the problem areas lie. Here are some great ideas for getting started on helping your home recover from winter:

_Clean out and repair gutters

_Reseal woodwork

_Inspect and repair roofs

_Reseal windows

_Paint exterior or touch up damaged areas

Spring Home Interior Checklist 

As temperatures warm up, it’s time to get your house in order and make sure systems like air conditioning are running properly, and that pesky insects like ants, flies, bees, and mosquitos are abated. Though it may not be too warm in March or April, by the time June, July, and August roll around, you’ll be thankful you took care of these points of interest on the interior of your home.

_Get an air conditioner tune-up

_Check for termite damage

_Get an extermination package to keep out ants and flies

_Have an air quality test performed

_Clean out the garage

Spring Property Checklist

Beyond the exterior of your home, your property line can take on a significant amount of damage from winter weather conditions. This includes your lawn, driveways, walkways, and garden.

_Repair and level driveway

_Fix cracks in walkways

_Get sprinkler check-up and tune-up

_Hardscaping, such as for brick and patio work

_Inspect handrails for sturdiness

Keeping up with home repairs is a big part of life for seniors. Whether you’re a homebody or often on the go, having a comfortable and functional home is a big part of our comfort levels. The spring brings warmer and happier weather but be sure to follow this checklist to keep your home’s interior and exterior looking great.

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