Easy Outdoor Exercise for Seniors

Easy Outdoor Exercises for Seniors

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Staying in shape is a vital part of any retiree’s life. However, as seniors age, it may be difficult or concerning to jump into vigorous physical activity, especially for individuals with different ability levels. Thankfully, there are tons of exercise options that not only are easy for folks to do, but also provide huge benefits. The Center for Disease Control has found evidence that just a moderate amount of physical activity can provide senior citizens “significant health benefits.”

With springtime weather seemingly here to stay, and with stay-at-home orders slowly starting to ease up, now is a great time for seniors to spend a bit more time in their own backyards staying fit.

Take a Walk

Enjoying the outdoors is easy when you’re out taking a walk. Though it might not seem like a calorie-burning activity, studies have shown that walking can deliver the same benefits as running. It also doesn’t need to be a hike in the wilderness. Instead, you can simply take a stroll around the neighborhood or at a local running track. Not only will it provide good exercise, it’s also a great way to get out of the house and stay connected to the world around you. Be sure to have comfortable walking shoes.

Gardening for Health 

Keeping a garden in your backyard is an excellent way to stay in shape and enjoy the outdoors. Research from health experts have found that tasks like digging holes, planting, and weeding burn a significant amount of calories. It also strengthens muscle groups in your legs, arms, shoulders, buttocks, neck, and back, making it a highly-effective way to improve flexibility and strength training. In addition, a scant 30 minutes of gardening per day has been found to combat osteoporosis and diabetes, as well as lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels. And if you’re using a backyard garden as a chance to grow vegetables, it can be even healthier for you and your diet.

Easy Sports Activities

Do you have a basketball hoop in the backyard? Maybe it’s time to get one if not. Getting out to play a quick game of horse can really help to work muscles that otherwise can go unused. And basketball isn’t the only sporty activity you can count on to keep limber. Set up a soccer net, install a tetherball pole, or invest in a bags set. Each of these activities will have you stretching in the sunshine—all while enjoying quality time with loved ones as you start welcoming family over again.

However you’re choosing to stay in shape, the most important part is to stay at it. The first few weeks of any workout regimen can be difficult, especially as you explore your own limitations and abilities. But by taking a walk, hopping in the pool, and gardening for good health, you can start your journey toward great health without burning yourself out.

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