How to Achieve Travel Goals in Retirement

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Throughout our entire lives, we have the tendency to put off and delay our travel dreams. Whether we’re too young to afford it, too busy at work to find time, or just nervous about heading to an unfamiliar locale, it’s often during retirement that folks finally run out of excuses for avoiding a commitment to a trip. It’s unsurprising, then, that the AARP found travel tops the bucket list for 80% of senior citizens. So, how can retirees ensure that their travel goals will be fulfilled? Here are four steps to achieving those jetsetting dreams. 

Choosing Your Dream Destination

Though it might seem like a simplistic first step, choosing a destination helps to solidify an abstract vacation idea. We’ve probably all seen an idyllic landscape scene or bustling city street and thought, “I’d love to be there.” But what are the places you’re passionate about visiting? Orchestrating and prioritizing travel goals for an entire retirement is a delicate thing, so it’s a good idea to really reflect on the places you treasure most. It might be somewhere you’ve been a long time ago, or an exotic city you’ve only read about. Maybe it’s as simple as identifying a place where you can trace your ancestry to connect with your own history. What’s important is making a solid decision.

  • Hint: During this process It helps to be as specific as possible. Try to name cities, neighborhoods, and landmarks as opposed to a general region (“The 6th arrondissement in Paris!”)

Letting Research Guide Your Itinerary

Once you’ve picked a landing spot, it’s time to figure out what exactly you’re going to do. Unless you’re lucky enough to have a personal guide to a city, creating an itinerary is all on your efforts. While there are always the usual tourist attractions, it’s a good exercise to spend time exploring deeper cuts and hidden gems. Not only will it help to add color to your travel, but it might just feel more personal and fulfilling.

  • Hint: Use social media platforms like Instagram to follow location hashtags for your destination. You’ll get a chance to see the city as many locals do.

Planning and Scheduling Travel Plans

One of the most common challenges to achieving travel goals is the intensive planning that goes along with it. A study performed on travel found that the planning portion actually causes the highest levels of stress. With flights to book, hotels to reserve, cars to rent, and all the other nuances that come during travel scheduling, it can get overwhelming. But with travel sites online, you can actually compare rates and bundle the costs together.

  • Hint: Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the cheapest days to book flights.

The chance to head out for adventure on a vacation is exhilarating. For retirees, their golden years may just be the best chance for extensive travel planning. By following some easy steps to prepare, senior citizens will be amazed by the places and sights they can see by achieving their travel goals.

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