Hidden Tech Accessibility Features

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Many senior citizens love technology and use it well. But the natural process of aging can make some features harder to use over time, even to the most tech-savvy person. Accessibility innovations in technology exist to help users overcome challenges to vision, hearing, using a touch screen, and more. Will one of the features on this list make your favorite device easier than ever to use?

Web Browser Accessibility Features

Browsing the Internet is an essential part of everyday life, from looking up goods or services to connecting with friends and loved ones. Whether people have challenges to their vision, using a keyboard, or navigating complicated websites, each web user may need different support.

To update and improve the functionality of any web browser, the user has to change the settings. Depending on the browser in question, this will be a different process. This list from the Web Accessibility Initiative covers all the main web browsers and describes the different features users could activate. Plus, plugins or other apps may expand the functionality even more.

Computer Accessibility Features

One common accessibility feature that comes built into many computers today is the option for text-to-speech. This allows users to hear what is on the screen instead of having to read it. On both Windows and Apple systems, these features are easy to locate and turn on. If you go to the Settings menu, the folder will be called “Ease of Access” on a Windows device, or “Accessibility” on Apple and Android.

Speech-to-text assistive technology, where you speak and the computer transcribes, is also available but usually not included on most computers. The BBC created an accessibility feature resource guide to help individuals use their computers more easily.

iPhone Accessibility Features

The iPhone has many accessibility features built in, like the ability to change the color of text, speech-to-text, and subtitles. In fact, your iPhone can even read your messages or other information out loud to you without you even touching the phone. All you need is the right settings. You can locate all these features under “Accessibility” in the Settings menu, though depending on how old your phone is some newer features might not be available. iPhone users can even set up a shortcut so that triple-clicking the volume button will make it easier to turn these features on or off. This means you can use them only when needed.

Android Accessibility Features

Android also delivers many basic accessibility features, including integration with Braille devices and hearing aids through Bluetooth. Speech-to-text and voice commands are also highly customizable with devices on this platform. You can even tell the operating system to only read certain kinds of messages and information out loud, or set that it should be active during certain times. A live captioning feature is also included.

This list of accessibility features in modern technology reveals just how much progress has been made to keep technology inclusive. Many features that come standard today were just ideas and goals a few short years ago. We hope this list introduced you to a new side of your devices and showed how they can be easier to use for everyone.

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