Best Video Games for Seniors and Family

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Whoever said playing video games was a waste of time? Numerous studies have linked gaming to a variety of positive effects, including slowing down the aging process, improving critical thinking, bettering hand-eye coordination, and even treating depression. Seniors who are looking for a fun way to keep themselves sharp can turn to video games. Not only is it effective for personal wellness, it’s also a great way to stay involved and active with family. Here are some ideas for the best video games for seniors and their families.

Gaming Apps on a Smartphone

With practically everyone using a smartphone or tablet these days, it’s never been easier to game with ease and on the go. Users can download games directly to their device, many of which are free or feature only in-game purchases. That means the chance to sample as many different games and game types the heart could ask for. These might include titles that can even keep your mind sharp, like Words with Friends or Luminosity.

Competitive Racing

Sometimes the best games are the simplest ones. A great option for encouraging family members to join in multiplayer mode is with any number of great racing games. These can range from the wacky and cartoonish, to the detailed and accurate, so it’s a good idea to get a sense of what you and your grandchildren feel most comfortable with; if the game drifts into flight simulator-level difficulty, it’s unlikely to inspire a lot of enthusiasm as a group activity. Consider something fun like Mario Kart, where the racing is all about having  fun.

Exercise in a Game

We may not commonly associate video games with aerobic exercise, but developers have spent years dedicated to helping blend gaming and workouts into one, fun package. Thanks to sensor technology in consoles like the Wii, there are a number of games that call for the players to control their character with physical motions and gestures. Though some games may be very light in activity level, players can pursue actual calisthenic workouts all with the assistance of their gaming console. Wii Sports has options like bowling, darts, and tennis that can work up a light sweat, all while still enjoying the fun of gaming.

Playing video games is more than a mindless hobby; it’s an experience, and an investment in one’s health. Regardless of what type of system you choose, whether it’s Playstation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, or PC, gaming is a great way for seniors to stay engaged, motivated, and social.

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