Great Fall Activities with Grandkids

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Though kids today might seem too distracted by devices, grandparents often find Fall is a great time to make memories with their grandkids doing many of the same things they once loved. As the weather gets chilly and the days get shorter, don’t miss out on the opportunity for these Fall activities to bond with the grandkids.

Play in the Leaves

We recently did a blog post on the best spots in the United States for seeing autumn’s spectacular colors, but even if you stick around your own backyard, the foliage is still a beautiful opportunity to make memories. Children are drawn to the bright colors of the changing leaves, and helping them organize their collections can easily become a fun craft activity. Pinterest offers great suggestions on leaf collecting with children, like adorning a large sheet of black construction paper with them to help the colors pop, or using a decorated shoebox to store the collection.

Although there are lots of ways to inject fun into the falling leaves, creating a game out of raking for your grandchildren gets two birds with one stone. If you haven’t yet invested in rakes, consider using garbage can lids as children can scoop up larger piles and it’s also a twist on their expectations. You can see who rakes the largest pile the fastest, make an obstacle course to a leaf collecting bucket or trash can for disposal. Whatever you choose, the important thing is to loosen up and laugh.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

To ensure you have a smooth outing, try to plan ahead and dress for the weather, also keep in mind when the peak hours are for visiting so you can avoid crowds and have room to roam. These places are also typically cash only, so come prepared. Going to a pumpkin patch might be nostalgic, but it’s also a chance to spice up an old favorite. Consider looking for pumpkin patches with petting zoos and corn mazes, or even having a picnic in the pumpkin patch.

Go to a Drive-in Movie

A staple of days gone by, there are less than 350 drive-in movie theaters left in the United States and although it might be a trek, taking the grandkids to the drive-in has lots of perks. You can bring a thermos of hot cider and bundle up under the stars and the big screen. Not to mention, the concessions stands at drive-ins are usually first rate.

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