4 Best Spots to See Fall Foliage

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Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons for travel. Whether going solo, with a loved one, or with the grandchildren, knowing the best spots to witness the glory of the turning leaves will really make the trip worth your while. Take a peek below to see which cities and regions boast the most breathtaking autumn leaves.

  1. Broken Bow, OK

Although going west for fall foliage might seem counter-intuitive, Beavers Bend State Park has some incredible views. The town also boasts another gorgeous spot, Hochatown State Park. A resort, also named Beavers Bend, occupies the space where both parks overlap. In November, a great time to see the changing leaves, especially in a warmer state, Beavers Bend hosts an annual craft fair. If you plan your trip to overlap with the fair, you’ll have plenty to do and see.


  1. Aspen, CO

Fall is peak season for all things outdoors in the city of Aspen. If you’re comfortable going for easy hikes, check out the Maroon Bells. The Bells are a series of iconic bell-shaped mountains in Colorado. Their scenic tour is less than a mile and graded for the casual hiker. If you’d rather drive than walk, the Bells also offer that opportunity. Or, if you’re interested in something off the beaten path, try checking out Independence Pass. For the grandkids, or those interested in historical sites, explore the Independence ghost town nearby.


  1. The Berkshires, MA

Driving through the Berkshires to Lennox, MA might be one of the most scenic and relaxing fall foliage drives in the country. You can drive the 35 mile stretch of Jacob’s Ladder Scenic Byway for excellent views because it’s along the East coast where the variety of color is the richest. From soft gold to deep scarlet, when you make the trip during peak viewing in early October, you may see it all. If you conclude your trip in Lennox, you can see Edith Wharton’s estate and Venfort Hall, a museum of the Gilded Age.


  1. Greenville, SC

Of all the locations on this list, Greenville is one of the most family friendly. With attractions like the Greenville Zoo and the Fluor baseball field, there will be something to do for children of most ages. If you’re flying solo or with a partner, consider exploring Greenville’s First Fridays for art and live music, as well as taking time to see what you came for: the beautiful fall leaves. The best place to do so is Falls Park, the center place of Greenville’s downtown.

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