How Does it Work?

If you’re holding onto a life insurance policy you do not want or need, a life settlement may be the right option.

We want to give seniors, their families, and their financial advisors the right knowledge they need to evaluate their life insurance policy and consider the option of life settlements.

Here’s how it works:

Using our Qualification Calculator, you give us a little bit of basic information about you and your life insurance policy. Instantly, we can tell you if your policy is a good fit for the life settlement market.
Filling out an application is easy. Simply download or request our application and send us a completed copy along with a copy of your life insurance policy.
We review your application, policy, and medical records. Working with independent third party underwriters, we determine whether or not you qualify to enter the market.
After your application is reviewed and accepted, we make an offer on the policy based on all of the information you provided.
If an offer is accepted, a closing packet is sent to the seller for completion. After that packet is completed, the seller receives a lump payout for their policy.

 LSA QCal 



Have questions about your specific situation? Ready to learn more about the life settlement process? Contact us today.