Weatherproofing Your Parents’ Home: Made Easy

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If you live in a region of the state where blustering wind and snow are a traditional part of your winter, you’re likely considering weatherproofing. For seniors, these tasks might not be front of mind, or might be too difficult to tackle alone. Helping your elderly parents to weatherproof their homes and discussing potential hazards of chillier weather can help prevent against weather related accidents. It’s important to take precautions, so here’s a helpful guide to winter weatherproofing.

  1. The Windows

Sealing the windows can help prevent drafts and keep energy bills lower. If your senior loved one has double-hung windows, first ensure that both windows are shut tightly. Otherwise, you can use shrinking plastic to seal windows and still have light in the winter. If sealing the windows is for some reason not an option, you might consider rearranging the furniture to help block out drafts. The high backs of chairs and sofas can face windows and help keep the cold air at bay.


  1. The Walkway

Shoveling the drive can be very difficult on seniors. It’s easy for them to become trapped in their homes due to heavy snow. If you live nearby and can keep the walkways and driveways clear, that’s great. If not, consider hiring someone or speaking with one of your elderly parents’ neighbors about helping out. You can also purchase snow melting mats for walkways that can stay out all winter and can operated by remote.


  1. Interiors

Weatherproofing the interior of your parents’ home is just as important as doing so for the exterior. Snow tracked into the house can cause slips and falls, so advise caution in entryways and consider placing rugs anywhere that could become slick. Also, in case of storms, you’ll want to ensure there’s an easy to reach emergency kit in the house containing things like batteries, candles, non-perishables, and extra blankets. Here’s a list if you’re unsure where to get started.


This list isn’t comprehensive. There’s a lot more that goes into being a caregiver to an elderly parent during the winter. In many cases, when you and your parents begin to realize that basic home maintenance has grown exceedingly difficult, it can be simpler to make the move to a retirement community. Although the cost of care may be high, the peace of mind is pretty priceless. If you think this option may be for you and your senior loved ones but think you don’t have the extra income to make it happen, you might consider a life settlement. If your elderly loved one still maintains a life insurance policy they no longer need, did you know they can sell all or a portion of that policy for more than the cash surrender value? This is called a life settlement, or viatical. Contact Life Settlement Advisors today to learn more about the life settlement process or see if your parents pre-qualify.

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