Making Forced Retirement Work

(2 Minute Read) While we can do what we can to protect ourselves from any unseen costs by maintaining an emergency savings fund, some things are bigger than emergency funds. Like when you’re forced into retirement because of a serious

Life Insurance Without a Beneficiary

(3 Minute Read) There are a lot of questions surrounding your options if you are no longer with the person originally listed as a beneficiary on your life insurance—whether because they have passed or because you’ve made changes in your

Active Retirement: Doing the Things You Never Got Around To When You Were Younger

(3 Minute Read) Life has a way of getting away from us. When we’re young, we have high ambitions for all the great things we want to do when we get the freedom to when we’re older, but as life

Can You Sell a Portion of a Policy?

(3 Minute Read) For many who choose to opt for a life settlement, selling the entire policy makes sense. When your client simply doesn’t have a need for the policy anymore, or it just doesn’t make sense to keep paying

Whole Life vs. Universal Life: Does One Make a Better Life Settlement?

(4 Minute Read) Advisors often ask a variety of questions regarding the potential value of a client’s insurance policy. And frankly, value has a lot to do with the type of policy that the insured is trying to sell. A

Seniors Living in Poverty

(4 Minute Read) According to a study by the Economic Policy Institute, almost half of American seniors are in financially unstable situations. This doesn’t mean they are living in poverty, but it means they are only one bad economic shock

Where Your Money Goes After You Pass and How to Increase its Value

(2 Minute Read) In almost all cases, your debt dies with you. Knowing that your family will not have to deal with any debt that you accrued is a relief, but it doesn’t mean that they won’t feel the effects

4 Reasons Why Tony Soprano Is NOT Buying Your Life Insurance Policy

(3 Minute Read) There’s still a stigma that some professionals associate with the life settlement market, albeit one that is shrinking every day. Recently, though, a new fiction novel called The Carnage Account uses life settlements as motive for murder.

Preparing Financially for the Golden Years

(3 Minute Read) There are many things to consider when you begin to approach your golden years. Have you spent your time preparing for how you’ll pay for your lifestyle after you retire? There are many ways to pay for

Unexpected Financial Responsibilities as a Senior

(3 Minute Read) You have enough to worry about when preparing your finances for life as a senior. Once you retire, your income will be limited, even if you’ve been saving and investing for decades. You’ll have less money coming