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The word “webinar” is a combination of “web” and “seminar.” These virtual conferences started in the early days of the Internet, and by 1998, there was even a courtroom battle about trademarking the word “webinar!”

Luckily, the word itself and the idea of a “web seminar” remained available to all, until today, online events and virtual event platforms are everywhere. Here’s what you need to know about webinar trends and where to attend the best webinars for your subjects of interest.

How Popular Are Webinars in 2020?

In spring 2020, webinar attendance jumped by over 300% due to social distancing. But even without a global pandemic, these virtual events are more popular than ever before. Over 70% of businesses agree that webinars are a prime way to teach the public about their industries and services.

A lot of the popularity of a webinar depends on the timing. The best-attended webinars are scheduled during the middle of the week, with Tuesday being the most popular day. However, webinars hosted on Mondays have jumped in popularity by over 400% since the start of 2020. Essentially, any day of the week can work. As long as the topic is interesting to you, you should attend if your schedule allows.

What Can I Learn from Webinars?

Webinars for professional and personal development are hosted every day. However, there are some industries and topics that experience greater attendance than others. While lots of people may register, what really matters to the host is who shows up. These are the industries with the best-attended webinars:

  • Financial Services—61%
  • Pharmaceutical Industry–61%
  • Consulting Industry—50%
  • Software Industry—46%
  • Advertising and Marketing—33%

One of the best things to look for in a webinar is the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the session. This will allow you to interact directly with the presenter and clarify anything you didn’t understand. Some presenters will also share their slide deck or other notes with you after the talk so you can recall what was discussed.

Where Can I Find The Best Webinars?

If you’re curious about attending a webinar, there are several sites you can go to and search for events.

Eventbrite allows people to host free or paid webinars, and users respond by posting events and education sessions on every topic you can imagine, and some you might not expect.

Findcourses.com features lots of professional development webinars on everything from tech tools to leadership skills.

Coursera makes online classes available for free, teaching everything from a new language to the latest research in your field of interest.

However, a main way to find out about webinars is to check your email or social media feed. When a brand or organization you follow is hosting a webinar, you will likely receive one or more invitations to attend.

Webinars are just one of the ways that technology makes our world a little smaller and gives more equal access to amazing knowledge. Use these events to learn more about history, health, politics, or finances—right from the comfort of your home.

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