Social Distancing During Halloween 2020

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Though the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the cancellation of several traditions this year, Halloween and trick-or-treating is one that doesn’t need to vanish. With some simple adjustments and considerations, trick-or-treating can be on anyone’s menu, whether you’re staying home to hand out the sweets or taking grandkids on a safe journey through the neighborhood.

Best Social Distancing Practices for Halloween

Anyone participating in Halloween has some general guidelines to follow. Remember, if everyone tries, more people stay safe, and the spooky fun can really come to life!

Anyone trick-or-treating should only go out with other people they live or spend daily time with. Also, maintain six feet of personal space anywhere you can. This may require waiting curbside before the next party in front of you has a chance to gather their goodies and safely head to the next house. Mask-wearing is also highly recommended, even if a costume comes with its own ghoulish mask.

Homeowners handing out candy should also wear a mask over their nose and mouth anytime they answer the door. You can also use paint, duct tape, or decorations to mark safe zones six feet in front of your door. Lastly, consider having the candy set up in self-service stations on a small disinfected card table to prevent hand contact.

Grandparents and parents can do their part by following the basic social distancing guidelines, but also by helping to set an example. It’s easy to get excited and forget about maintaining social distance or lower a mask to talk to a friend, so take time before going out to go over why these steps are important.

Of course, if you’re sick, exhibiting symptoms, or have had any contact with infected folks, stay home.

Learn Your County’s Covid Risk for Halloween

A great step to your 2020 Halloween should be finding out your community’s rate and level of risk. Thankfully, that’s an easy start, as several candy and Halloween supply companies banded together and created Halloween2020. This site is simple to use and is powered by current, daily data from the Harvard Global Health Institute.

The higher or lower that rate is will determine which social distancing acts are recommended to ensure safety for young and old. The site breaks down everywhere into four zones: Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red. The closer to red the zone gets the more spacing and self-isolation is required. But fear not, as there are a ton of really creative and smart strategies to keep every one in every zone in the spooky Halloween spirit.

  • Green Zone: Low infection rates means it’s safe to trick-or-treat in public and attend controlled gatherings at designated neighborhood safehouses.
  • Yellow Zone: Instead of door-to-door knocking, try drive-up trick-or-treating, as well as neighborhood costume parades which allow everyone to show off their costumes while maintaining stricter social distancing.
  • Orange Zone: With more serious risk, experts suggest “reverse trick-or-treating” where costumed kids make their yard their spooky domain and have friends and neighbors drive candy around to safely drop off.
  • Red Zone: The need for quarantining in these more dangerous areas doesn’t have to mean axing the pumpkin. Set up candy stations throughout the house, connect through Zoom, scavenger hunts in the backyard; whatever you do, make sure you all take time to really enjoy and have fun.

Halloween has always been a fantastic chance for grandparents and grandkids to make long lasting memories. Although we may need to stay socially distanced to protect ourselves and others, 2020’s Halloween can still be one to remember. Just be sure to follow the steps of mask-wearing, sanitization, and social distancing and it will be sure to be more treat than trick.

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