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Most families have heard of classics like Jenga, The Game of Life, Clue, Candy Land, Monopoly…the list of fun well-known games goes on. But sometimes, you just want to mix things up and try something new. This list of eight unique family friendly board games will have you moving and thinking critically, whether you are working together or competing. There’s something on this list for every family and every play style.

Heads Talk, Tails Walk: In this game for ages 3+, players try to match the head and body tiles of different animals. If you get a mismatch, you have to make the sounds of one animal while walking like the other! Old MacDonald, eat your heart out.

Clack!: This game for ages 4+ prioritizes color and symbol identification as players race to collect the images depicted on the dice. If you want a game that’s easy to learn and fast to play, it might be time to get clack-ing!

Villainous: Villainous is a Disney-themed board game where each player assumes the role of a different Disney villain. Play your way through your film’s story while you prevent the others from enacting their evil plot. Multiple expansions might include your favorite villain! For ages 10+

Hearing Things: This game for ages 12+ is played in teams. One member of the pair wears a pair of noise-cancelling earmuffs and has to tell what their partner is reading off the included cards. The team that successfully “hears” the most phrases wins!

Catan Junior: Part of the legendary Settlers of Catan universe, this game for players 6+ sets you off to explore the ocean and build pirate lairs. Collect resources to expand your empire—and avoid the Ghost Captain!

Throw Throw Burrito: This game is part-Go Fish, part-dodgeball! Try to collect three-of-a-kind, while also stealing points from other players by throwing soft, squishy stuffed burritos at them. Fun for anyone strong enough to throw a burrito—just don’t play around your precious breakable items!

Apples to Apples Junior: This hilarious game for ages 9+ sets players up to take turns judging each others’ crazy comparisons. One person turns over a green card with an adjective, and all the other players turn in red cards they think match. The judge chooses their favorite response—as soon as they stop giggling!

Musical Hot Potato: Great for anyone age 3+, Musical Hot Potato makes it easier than ever to play the classic game. Squeeze the plushie potato to start the music—but don’t get caught holding it when the music stops!

We hope one or more of these games bring hours of fun to your family!

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