Phone Games and Apps to Sharpen Your Mind

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Have cell phones and computers evolved from a convenience to a distraction? While these are supposed to be tools that work for us, keeping us in touch with loved ones and helping us access valuable information, at times it seems more like the devices are our masters. We feel obligated to answer texts, emails, and calls and can’t stop scrolling through social media apps. And, all that leads to stress and anxiety.

But it’s not so hard to put our devices back to work for us. Any of the fun options on this list of games and apps will help develop mindfulness and strengthen memory. Not only does this help make the Internet work for you, but the fun also has great benefits offline too.

Free Apps for Mindfulness and Meditation

  • The Now: This free iPhone app uses push notifications to share quotes and wisdom from some of history’s greatest thinkers. Personally-curated content lets you benefit from daily reminders to reflect and focus on the present moment and all its beauty.
  • The Mindfulness App: This free app, available on Apple and Google devices, includes a library of guided meditations with some of the world’s best teachers. Save your favorites and set reminders to make inner peace a daily journey. You can also access a premium library of content through in-app purchases.
  • Happify: Happify can be accessed through a web browser as well as across devices as an app. This free program uses science-based activities to help you reduce stress, overcome worries, and live more fully. Track progress over time and create a customized journey to a more blissful existence.
  • BeautifulNow: The mission of the BeautifulNow community is to share worldwide reminders of the small ways that beauty shows up all around us in the present moment. Sign up for email newsletters and notifications to see just how beautiful “now” is around the world. You can even share your own content!
  • Personal Zen: This free app for Apple and Android devices focuses on both reducing stress and building emotional resilience. Though developed by neuroscientists, the app’s quirky art and fun games have most users experiencing benefits within 4-5 days, with just a few minutes a day.

Best Apps for Memory and Brain Training

  • Lumosity: One of the first apps created for brain training, Lumosity hasn’t lost its effectiveness over time. The free program includes a limited number of games and lets you target cognitive skills that matter to you most, like memory, attention span, flexibility, and more. A monthly subscription can unlock the full features of the app—and they even have a friends and family plan if you want to get competitive.
  • Elevate: Elevate is an award-winning app that focuses on skills like math, vocabulary, writing, and memory. As you play and grow your skills, the difficulty adapts to meet your new limits. Choose from over 35 games and test it out with a 14-day free trial before deciding whether or not to subscribe.
  • Monument Valley: Available for a one-time charge of $4.99 on both Android and iPhone, Monument Valley is a game of puzzle-solving and optical illusions. Guide Princess Ida in her journey through a beautiful world that was named Apple Game of the Year and won an Apple Design Award in 2014. If you end up loving it, there is also a recently-released sequel!
  • Eidetic: This app, available only on iOS, uses a strategy called spaced repetition to make it easier for you to memorize and remember things. You add the facts, figures, numbers, or names you want to memorize and the app helps with the rest! You can set different time spans if you need to memorize quickly or have more time. Try it twice for free before being prompted to buy the full version for a one-time cost of $2.99.
  • Brain Fitness Pro: This brain fitness software prioritizes strengthening working memory, leading many users to see results at home and work. Highly-rated by AARP Magazine, the New York Times, and USA Today, the program is used through either a PC or Mac computer. You can try the product for two weeks free before being asked to purchase a monthly or annual subscription.

No matter whether you choose a free or paid option, we hope one or more of the tools on this list will work great for you! Read through the reviews to see what other users have said, and don’t be afraid to try multiple options. No two brains are alike, but they can all get stronger and happier with daily practice.

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