Life Settlement Advisors

As a trusted advisor, clients depend on you to help them make informed decisions regarding their finances and other important assets.

Whether you are a CPA, financial planner, trust officer, estate planner, attorney, life insurance consultant or other trusted advisor, it is becoming more evident that life settlements or viatical settlements are an important new planning tool that benefits both the client and the advisor in many ways. There are no out-of-pocket costs to you or your client.


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Advisor Resources

Qualification Calculator

Tell us a little about your clients’s age, health, and life insurance policy using this anonymous calculator. Simply tally your score and this will tell you how good of a fit your client’s policy is for the life settlement or viatical settlement market. (If you need a physical copy of the calculator you can download our Life Settlement Qualifier Sheet.)

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Life Settlement Questionnaire

After completing the Qualification Calculator, fill out this detailed application to give us all the information we need to evaluate and qualify your policy. This application must be completed by the policy owner, and requires a copy of the life insurance policy. To learn more click the button below.

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Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts (ILITs)

Irrevocable life insurance trusts (ILITs) have been a tool financial advisors have used for ages to ensure the families of their clients are taken care of in the event of the client’s death. But there’s a huge opportunity that many advisors miss in ILITs, and it’s right
under their noses!

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Term Life Settlements

Term life insurance policies fulfill an obvious need in the market, helping people with a specific need for life insurance for a set amount of time. They’re a great “just-in-case” option, and one that the policyholder doesn’t need to continue paying for after the need is no longer there.



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Can you sell a portion of your life insurance policy? (Video)

For many who choose to opt for a life settlement or viatical settlement, selling the entire policy makes sense. When your client simply doesn’t have a need for the policy anymore, or it just doesn’t make sense to keep paying the premium, a life settlement is the perfect option. But what about someone who wants to retain part of their policy?

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How To Talk To Clients About Life Settlements

As a financial advisor, you’re in a position to provide real, valuable opportunities and advice to your clients. When it comes to senior clients living in or working towards retirement, assisting them in making choices they didn’t even know were available to them can go a long way.

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