What Do Advisors Get Out of Life Settlements?

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Through our many years of business, we’ve helped a lot of people benefit from the sale of a life insurance policy. This means we’ve come to understand just how beneficial life settlements can be for both the insured seller and the advisors helping them with their finances. We also notice repeatedly that many of the advisors we speak with simply aren’t fully knowledgeable about how life settlements can help their clients. Even more don’t fully realize how they can help them grow as an advisor. We wanted to take a moment to talk with advisors looking for ways to help their clients, keep the competition at bay, bring added value and build their business at the same time.

Expanding Your Knowledge of Financial Options

As a trusted advisor, your clients look to you for knowledge and expertise putting together working financial plans and strategies. That alone is reason enough to explore the many different tools and resources available to seniors making difficult financial decisions. Life settlements often are overlooked and get a bad reputation, but in truth, they often provide a very real, legal benefit to seniors looking to expand their investment portfolios or add to their available retirement funds. Learning more about how life settlements work, and what the right kind of candidate looks like, can enable you to offer an outside-the-box solution for seniors facing difficult financial decisions. That extended knowledge shows that you take your job seriously and have done the research to beef up the skills you bring to the table with added value, legitimizing yourself even further in your client’s eyes.

Expanding Your Opportunities

For many financial advisors, life settlements can afford you more options and opportunities to provide continuing service to your clients. Even if you’re in a position that prohibits you from assisting your clients in the sale of a life insurance policy, suggesting it to them and suggesting a trusted company that excels in walking seniors through the process can still lend a benefit to them. When they finally close on the sale, they’ll be looking to you to help them coordinate what they should do with the newly acquired money; expanding their retirement fund strategies or rearranging their investment portfolios to better suit their needs and grow their wealth.

At Life Settlement Advisors, we specialize in our professional approach to the process of a life settlement itself. This means we can walk your clients through the sale of any life insurance policies that they no longer want or have a need for. Life settlements aren’t for everyone, but they so provide an excellent benefit to those who qualify and stand to gain from them.

If you’re interested in learning more about life settlements and how they can help you and your clients, please feel free to give me a call. I would love the opportunity to discuss them further!


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Case Study

Brad sold his company and retired at age 70. He had a $1 million term life insurance policy that was a keyperson policy that was transitioned to him at retirement. After further review of the life insurance, Brad discovered he could sell all or a portion of the policy rather than let it expire. The policy had no cash value but sold for $165,000.

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