Vacations for Active Seniors

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Sometimes it seems like we just don’t value vacations enough. Taking a weekend or even a week or two off can be a great chance to not only experience new things and places, but to reset and recharge, especially after a long and uncomfortable winter season. Yet, many Americans still find reasons to avoid taking a break, as nearly 170 million people reported not taking a vacation in the last 12 months. For individuals still in the workforce, these reasons are often linked to being too busy in the office. But for senior citizens, there may be fears related to health impairments or ability levels. Thankfully, there are still plenty of vacation options where retirees can stay active without going too far outside their comfort zone.

Set Sail on a Cruise

When we think of cruise ships, it often conjures up images of ocean views, buffet tables, and limbo contests. But the truth is that many of these cruises offer passengers excursions for a variety of destinations. Additionally, because the boat is moving from spot to spot, it provides the chance for different activities. For example, the same Alaskan cruise may offer a nature hike at one stop, salmon fishing at another, and jaunts through quaint towns at a third location. Plus, you always have the opportunity to relax on the ship if you’re feeling worn out.

Head to the Southwest

The American Southwest features some of the most breathtaking and varied sights in the country. From the stark landscapes near Monument Valley, to the jaw dropping depths of the Grand Canyon, and the lush forests found in Bryce Canyon National Park, the vacation destinations in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado offer seniors the chance to explore tons of different areas. Additionally, there are plenty of flat, walkable areas if you’re concerned about hiking uphill too often.

Life is a Highway

Being active as a senior doesn’t always mean climbing a mountain or swimming in the Atlantic. Staying active also means getting out and simply seeing the world. A great and much-loved way to do so is to take a road trip along one of the country’s historic and scenic highways. There are loads of options all over the country; you could see classic American sights by heading west on Route 66, dive into ocean views up California’s Pacific Coast Highway, or crest the Blue Ridge Mountains on Virginia’s Skyline Drive. Just remember to take plenty of pictures along the way!

Retirement provides plenty of great opportunities, but one of the best is the amount of free time.

Unlike your years spent working, you now have the ability to take vacations and experience new things. So, with all the chances to see the world, you wouldn’t want your retirement savings to hold you back. Did you know you can sell all or a portion of a life insurance policy, even term insurance? Contact Life Settlement Advisors for more information.

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