Qualification Questionnaire

Is one of your clients a good fit to sell their life insurance policy? Complete this questionnaire with your client in order to begin exploring the life settlement market. Download Now

Alternatives to Lapse or Surrender a Life Insurance Policy

When an insurance policy no longer makes sense, many choose to lapse or surrender it. But that’s not your only option. Download our new resource to learn about the life settlement market. Download Now

Life Settlements and Your Fiduciary Responsibility

With the new DOL Fiduciary Rule on the horizon, could trusted insurance agents become responsible for acting in their clients’ best interests as fiduciaries? Learn all about the possible changes coming to your fiduciary status—and why life settlements fit into

Term Conversion Life Settlements

Did you know that even term policies can be converted to the latest generation of universal life in order to qualify for a life settlement? Download this resource to learn all about term conversion life settlements. Download Now

Download our Brochure: “Unlock A Hidden Asset”

Did you know you can sell all or a portion of your life insurance policy for an amount greater than the cash surrender value? Click the download button below and get immediate access to this valuable information. Download Now

Qualification Calculator

Tell us a little about your clients’s age, health, and life insurance policy using this anonymous calculator. Simply tally your score and this will tell you how good of a fit your client’s policy is for the life settlement or

Life Settlement Questionnaire

After completing the Qualification Calculator, fill out this detailed application to give us all the information we need to evaluate and qualify your policy. This application must be completed by the policy owner, and requires a copy of the life

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts (ILITs)

Irrevocable life insurance trusts (ILITs) have been a tool financial advisors have used for ages to ensure the families of their clients are taken care of in the event of the client’s death. But there’s a huge opportunity that many

Term Life Settlements

Term life insurance policies fulfill an obvious need in the market, helping people with a specific need for life insurance for a set amount of time. They’re a great “just-in-case” option, and one that the policyholder doesn’t need to continue

Can you sell a portion of your life insurance policy? (Video)

For many who choose to opt for a life settlement or viatical settlement, selling the entire policy makes sense. When your client simply doesn’t have a need for the policy anymore, or it just doesn’t make sense to keep paying