Seniors Who Got Famous After 60

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We’ve probably all daydreamed about being famous at least once in our lives. Whether it’s a wish to get discovered for a hidden talent, or just a passing fantasy of being rich and glamorous, it’s always fun to imagine becoming a star overnight. While we may think of celebrities as being young, there are plenty of inspiring seniors who didn’t find their fame until later in life. If you’ve got Hollywood on the brain or feel like you’d fancy a screaming crowd of fans as a retiree, enjoy this list of people who got famous after 60.

Judi Dench

Though she’s been acting since the late 50s, Dench first rose to prominence with her role as M in the James Bond series, beginning with Goldeneye in 1995 at age 61. She cemented her status as a top actress after winning an Academy Award for her role as Queen Elizabeth I in Shakespeare in Love. Since then, she’s garnered six other Oscar nominations, as well as continued her breakthrough role in the Bond films until leaving the series in 2015.

Frank McCourt

In 1996, McCourt became the talk of the literary world with his impassioned memoir Angela’s Ashes. Detailing a painful and affecting childhood in both Brooklyn and Ireland, Frank was awarded both the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Critics Circle Award. Perhaps the most amazing part? It wasn’t until he was 65 years old that he decided to start writing.

Ray Kroc

You may not know his name, but you’ve definitely eaten at his restaurants. After returning from World War 1, he tread water as a salesman for many years before deciding to get into the dining world. At age 59 he decided to purchase a small hamburger stand, and within a few years he had begun franchising it throughout the United States. The name? McDonald’s.

Laura Ingalls Wilder

If you were watching television in the 1970s and early 80s, Little House on the Prairie may have very well been a staple of your weekly schedule. But the tale of the Ingalls family’s farm life wouldn’t exist had it not been written into existence by its namesake, Laura Ingalls Wilder. At age 65, she decided to pen an account of her life growing up in the American Midwest from 1870 to 1894. The series was a hit, and stretched out over the course of nine books.

Gladys Burrill

At the age of 86, part-time Hawaii resident Gladys Burrill made a decision: she was going to complete a marathon. After a grueling 9 hours and 53 minutes, Burrill became an inspiration to active seniors everywhere by becoming the oldest female runner to finish a marathon. If you’re ever feeling unsure about your abilities, this is a woman who has a few things to say about courage and commitment. In an interview, Burril said, “”It’s so important to think positive. It’s easy to get discouraged and be negative. It makes such a difference in how you feel and your outlook on everything.”

Accomplishments aren’t reserved for your younger years. There are tons of individuals who have succeeded after the age of 60, whether in acting, writing, business, or sports. Your retirement years allow you the time to pursue lifelong dreams you may have written off as impossible So, after reading about these famous folks who hit it big after 60, why not you too?

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