Resources for Coping with Chronic Disease

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Everyone copes differently with news like a chronic disease diagnosis. Thanks to the Internet, support systems and information to ease our worries have never been closer to hand. Here are a few resources for each of the most seven common chronic diseases that affect people worldwide.

Resources for Heart Disease Support

Heart disease support depends on the specific kind of condition you are diagnosed with. There are common resources for lifestyle changes and education, including:

Resources for Cancer Support

Cancer is such a personal experience that many patients benefit most from local in-person support groups. In addition, there are online communities and information like:

  • American Cancer Society offers expert information, treatment management insights, and volunteer opportunities.
  • CancerCare has provided counseling, support groups, education, and financial assistance for over 75 years.
  • Cancer Support Community collected a list of resources about everything from career management to specific kinds of cancer to family caregiver resources.

Resources for Chronic Lung Disease Support

Chronic lung disease includes everything from asthma to COPD, so support resources can be found for each condition. However, there are some more generic resources like:

Resources for Stroke Support

After a stroke, the path to recovery can be long and is also about prevention of a repeat stroke. Online resources are a great place to start learning and connect with others through communities like:

Resources for Diabetes Support

Living with diabetes is about long-term lifestyle and managing the condition over time. These online resources can help you stay on track and get new ideas:

Resources for Chronic Kidney Disease Support

Chronic kidney disease is a progressive condition that is often treated through changes in diet and lifestyle. Many online resources exist to support this condition including:

Seek Support to Cope Better With Chronic Conditions

Chronic conditions permanently affect our lifestyles, but that doesn’t mean life can’t improve after diagnosis. New habits of exercise, diet, or medication schedules can be easier to manage with education and support systems like these. We hope one or more of the resources on this list makes your condition easier to manage. We also invite you to read our guide about Health and Wellness with Chronic Conditions to explore tips and statistics that could help even more.

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