Filling Your Daily Planner as a Retiree

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The golden years of retirement are a time to live life to its fullest. As opposed to the years spent at work, where the days fill up quickly, you’re now free to do the things you want, when you want. Activities could include large plans like travel, but doesn’t need to be so grandiose; they could simply be everyday hobbies and pastimes. Whether you’re already a retiree or simply planning ahead for your senior years, there are plenty of fulfilling activities you can enjoy to fill up your daily planner.


You’ve probably found yourself saying, “I need to read more.” Well, now you can! Not only is it a great way to relax and experience different perspectives, but it can lower stress, improve memory, and boost concentration. Though some seniors may have difficulty making out the small print in paperbacks, reading tablets have the ability to change the text size. Additionally, there are plenty of downloadable audio books that are perfect for those who want to just sit back and enjoy a thrilling tale.

Consistent Exercise

Making sure you have the energy to keep up with your newfound free time means taking care of your body. Staying active is not only a great way to do so, but it can also be a fun and invigorating part of your day. Try scheduling light activity at first, such as a daily walk around the neighborhood before trying out more intense workouts. If mobility is a concern, there are plenty of low-impact exercises, such as chair yoga. 

Learn a New Skill

Retirement is also a chance to escape the monotony of modern life, to ditch the feeling of doing the same thing every day and try something brand new. Why not spend some time learning how to pursue a new talent or master a new hobby? You might try out a new instrument, learn to speak a different language, cook an unfamiliar dish, or give painting a shot. You’ve heard the saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” but this is your chance to prove them wrong. 

Become a Film Buff

Watching an impactful, memorable film is an awesome experience, but it can be time-consuming to stay up-to-date with the world of cinema. Whether you’re digging back into the vault of classic movies, or simply checking out the newest flicks in your local theater, watching movies is a great way to get some culture and still have a good time. There are even online services that can help to curate a list for you based on your interests and likes, like Mubi or Netflix.

Help Out with Local History

If you’ve reached or are close to retirement age, chances are you’ve got some stories to tell. Your local historical society would be lucky to learn about how you’ve seen things change over the years. You might consider providing them with any journals, old photographs, or the chance to sit down and share your perspective of the town and surrounding areas.

You spent your whole life working for this time, your senior retirement years. Though it can be easy to feel lost or directionless, taking a chance and trying something new is a fantastic way to get started. But, before you start having the time of your life, you want to be sure your financial position is solid. Did you know you can sell all or a portion of a life insurance policy, even term insurance? Contact Life Settlement Advisors today to learn more.

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