Fight Dementia: Four Online Games to Keep Your Mind Sharp          

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As you or your loved ones grow older, it’s natural to think about combatting certain possibilities of aging like dementia. This affliction is devastating to individuals and families alike, even with the recent advances in modern medicine. While there are many factors at play in determining who this disease affects, there are still tons of activities and hobbies to check out that will help keep the mind sharp. Though it may seem surprising, one of the best ways to activate the brain is by playing games, both online and in video game form. We may have once considered these as simply as toys for children, but by playing interactive games we can help to fight against cognitive decline. Here are some of the best online games for seniors to help fend off dementia.


One of the most popular brain-training resources, Lumosity pairs neuroscience with game developers to create fun and addicting puzzles that strengthen your mental ability. These games focus around memory training and have over 85 million users worldwide. The puzzles can be simple and fun and rarely feel like work or a task. In fact, there are users from all sorts of demographics; even young people have joined to strengthen their study skills.

AARP “Stay Sharp” Games

You can feel confident knowing that this one is brought to you by the most trusted name in senior citizen affairs. This AARP-sponsored site seeks to first find a baseline of your cognitive ability by having you take the Brain Health Assessment, a test developed and designed by scientists. Going forward, the games are then tailored to improve certain categories of your mental strengths. These could include discovery, connections, attention-span, and memory. You can even choose games to help you fight stress and relax, which has been proven to have a positive and measured effect on preventing Alzheimer’s.


Eidetic’s mission statement – “Learn and Remember Anything” – may seem a bit bold. However, it’s rooted in real and provable science. These games are centered around the memory-boosting concept of spaced repetition. This technique helps users to memorize anything, from phone numbers to vocabulary words to banking information, by repeatedly quizzing you on this information and then increasing the time intervals between tests. For instance, if you’re trying to memorize a phone number, it may ask you to enter it and then ask you again a few minutes later, followed by ten minutes, 30 minutes, and then an hour. These games also differ from other similar services by using items that have meaning and context, allowing users to set specific and attainable memory-based goals. This application is available as a free iOS download, meaning for those with an iPhone that your games can come with you on the go.

Super Mario Odyssey

Though this one might come as a shock, researchers have recently found evidence that playing games similar to Super Mario for as little as two months could very well refine brain capacity and fend off symptoms of dementia. Specifically, the scientists studying this effect found that “playing three-dimensional (3D) platform video games and puzzle or logic games was associated with a greater grey matter in the navigation area of the brain.” It’s also one of the best-reviewed console games of all time and can be played with others, including grandchildren who will be thrilled to join in on the fun.

For senior citizens, keeping the mind sharp has become as much a medical focus as heart or lung health. Dementia is a difficult and impactful disease and anything that can be done to fend off mental decline should be considered. Though it may seem a tad silly, these online games can be an easy and fun way to ensure you or your loved one are keeping mental wellness a priority. However, one thing that’s definitely not a game is financial security. Did you know you can sell all or a portion of your life insurance policy for more than the cash surrender value? This includes term life insurance policies as well and is called a life settlement or viatical. Contact Life Settlement Advisors if you’d like to learn more.

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