Entertaining Grandchildren During a Break

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Time away from school may conjure images of Florida beaches and party minded students, but it can also be a great time for young kids to spend time with their grandparents. While you may be excited about the opportunity to bond with your grandchildren, filling a full week might require a lot of options for activities. Here are some easy and fun ideas for entertaining the grandkids during their school break visits.

Play in a Park

Children have a lot of natural energy and they can expend that playing outside. In fact, experts say that they should be spending at least three hours being active every day! Local parks in your area offer a wide range of activity options. Of course, you can go the classic route and let them go wild on swing sets and playground equipment, but there are also ways to get involved. You might consider a nature hike, where you use a field guide to identify types of trees, rocks, or animals.

Try Something Creative

You may not be much of an artist, but kids aren’t going to judge you for that. Providing a time for arts and crafts will engage and stimulate your grandkids and provide some quiet time to connect with them. It could be as casual as coloring or finger painting, or even something a bit more advanced, such as ceramics or watercolors. If you’re unsure of how to approach these activities, check YouTube for some easy and fun tutorials that you and your grandchildren can follow along together.

Ask Them to Teach You

As adults, so often we make all the decisions for kids – what they’re doing, where they’re going, what they’re learning. But children have developed their own interests and hobbies, and they’re capable of teaching and explaining these to others. A great way to bond with grandkids on their level is to ask them to teach you something. Maybe it’s a collection, or some writing they do, or even their favorite video games. Whatever the hobby is, be open and allow them the chance to teach you something new.

Do Some Family Research

The interest in genealogy has grown immensely, with companies offering individuals the chance to learn more about their family background with a simple blood test. However, these processes can be expensive and take a fair amount of time. As grandparents, you often are the keepers of family heirlooms and records. With a full week off from school, you may consider offering the young ones a chance to dig through old family photo albums, files, and letters. You can tell stories about growing up,and give them the opportunity to ask questions and engage. You might even consider turning it into an art project by constructing a family tree that they can take home with them.

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