Enjoying a Socially-Distanced Mother’s Day

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Though vaccines are inspiring many people to feel safe mingling and meeting again, the CDC recommends that even fully-vaccinated groups still follow the basic social distancing best practices. Here are some ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day along the spectrum as we shift back to normal: from a distance, outdoors, or staying at home.

Virtual Mother’s Day Event Ideas

Many families might still feel more comfortable with virtual celebrations for the time being. This is especially true for families where people are high risk for serious COVID complications. Here are some online Mother’s Day celebration ideas that will get you excited.

  • Take an (Online) Tour or Trip: Zoos, museums, theme parks, and other historic and cultural attractions are still offering online tours. Good Housekeeping and PureWow have both created lists that are a great place to start choosing where you will visit in your pajamas.
  • Online Shopping Session: If your mom loves to shop, you can still enjoy this activity together even from different places. Jump on Zoom or another video conference tool, pick the websites you want to browse, and chat while you scroll. You can even share a screen to get each other’s opinion!
  • Virtual Brunch or Tea Party: Hosting a fancy brunch or tea party is another great idea to get everyone excited about a video conference. Kids and grandkids will even be excited about the opportunity to dress up. If you live close by, you can deliver food and drinks so everyone is enjoying the same delicacies.

COVID-Safe Mother’s Day Gathering Ideas

If some or all your family feels safe getting together in person, that is so exciting! It will no doubt feel great to see each other in person. You can use ideas like these to meet everyone where they are in their comfort level and keep everyone safe.

  • Picnic in the Yard or the Park: Weather permitting, a picnic is a great way to enjoy a meal together while also benefiting from fresh air and sunshine. If your local park isn’t too crowded, that is a great option, or you can just spread out a blanket in the yard.
  • Rent a Movie Theater: The impact of COVID on movie theaters means you have the opportunity for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, renting a movie theater just for your family. AMC Theaters has packages for up to 20 people starting at just $99.
  • Start Working the Garden: Mother’s Day is generally considered a safe time to start planting flowers and veggies outside without risk of cold snaps. Whether you get your hands in the dirt or just take Mom to the garden center to get seedlings and supplies, this is a great way to spend time together on Mother’s Day.

Celebrating Mother’s Day at Home

If you live with a mom, you probably want to celebrate her all day long! Here are some ideas you can use right at home to celebrate your wife, sister, grandmother, aunt, daughter, or any other rockstar mom you are lucky enough to include in your bubble.

  • Serve Breakfast in Bed: Breakfast in bed is a time-tested Mother’s Day surprise that gets the day off to a great start. You can make Mom her favorite dish, or try an exciting recipe you think she will love. Just remember—Mother’s Day is also a great day to let Mom sleep in a little.
  • At-Home Spa Day: You don’t need a hot tub or massage table to give someone a great at-home spa day experience. Treats like face masks, bath bombs, manicure and pedicure kits, bubble bath, lotion, and more are available at most pharmacies or superstores. Don’t forget the relaxing music, yummy juice, and aromatherapy like candles or incense too!
  • Schedule a Celebrity Shout-Out: One newer trend is using platforms like Cameo or MyFanPark to schedule a personalized message from someone’s favorite celebrity. As much as Mom loves hearing “Happy Mother’s Day” from her family, hearing it from someone she admires will also be exciting. These platforms allow you to share details about the person so the message is truly personal and makes them feel great.

Even if you don’t use one of the ideas on this list, we hope they got you thinking about your own great idea to celebrate the mothers in your life. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!

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