Easy Hi-Tech Gigs for Retirees

According to a recent study by the AARP of almost 4,000 people over 45, 13% said they still work some in retirement. And why not? For many seniors, some work in retirement can offer significant benefits, from adding extra spending power in a fixed budget, to giving seniors something new and exciting to do with all their extra time.

Asa trusted adviser to senior clients, maybe you have clients who would benefit from a new source of income, but don’t want anything to do with regular schedules or a boring office. Good news! There’s never been a better time than 2019 to find work in the gig economy.

Here are five different jobs you can share with your senior clients that require nothing more than a smartphone app and a desire to get to work. With these companies, seniors can take on as little or as much work as they want, so they can enjoy the freedom of retirement while still earning.

Uber and Lyft: Putting Your Car to Work

Across the country, Uber and Lyft are changing the way people get from A to B. These ridesharing apps allow anyone with a smartphone to hail a ride from nearby drivers—and those drivers can make some serious income! In fact, studies have shown that seniors are flocking to these rideshare apps in droves to earn some extra money using the vehicles they already own.

To get started, all you need is to download the driver app for your smartphone. You also need a 4-door vehicle, a valid driver’s license, car insurance, and a vehicle registration. Drivers for Uber and Lyft can make an average of $8.55to $11.77 per hour (as of 2018).[1]

Wag!: Taking Your Love for Dogs Pro

Do you know a senior who loves animals and staying active? Wag! might be just the app for them. By signing up as a dog walker for Wag!, you can choose to walk local dogs in your neighborhood whenever you’d like—for pay. Wag! also offers dog sitting services for seniors who are happy to share their home with a furry friend for a few hours.

Specifically, Wag! requires their walkers to be physically able to walk for at least 20minutes at a time. They also have an application process that involves a quiz on dog care and safety, as well as your knowledge of harnesses and collars. In other words, this is a great fit for anybody who loves dogs and has experience with them.

Postmates: Delivering Hot Meals

There are many apps available in most cities around the U.S. that allow hungry people to order delivery from virtually any restaurant they can imagine. Postmates is unique in that, unlike many of the other apps, they don’t require their couriers to own a car. When you sign up to deliver for Postmates, you’ll have the opportunity to take as many delivery orders as you’d like, and you’ll be responsible for picking up orders from restaurants and delivering them to homes and offices.

All you need to sign up is a smartphone and a visit to the Postmates website. A bike or car to get around is optional. On average, Postmates couriers can expect to make up to $25 per hour.

Handy: Housekeeping and Handywork

Do you know any seniors who have a knack for cleaning house or keeping everything in working order? Handy offers the chance for anyone with experience in housecleaning or handiwork to put their skills to work at their chosen pace.Unlike some of the other apps on this list, Handy does require contractors to have some professional experience—so this is best for that retired contractor you know, or your client who cleaned on the side a few years back.

For the right person, however, Handy makes it easy to find jobs and get paid. Once you sign up and start working, you bring your own supplies to the job. Then, when a job is completed, Handy takes payment from the customer and deposits it directly into your bank account. Professionals working through Handy can expect to make anywhere from $22 to $45 an hour on their own schedules.

Shipt and Instacart: Grocery Shopping for Cash

In a world of smartphones, there’s nothing you can’t have delivered right to your door—and that even includes your groceries! Apps like Shipt and Instacart offer convenience for busy people who need to keep their pantry stocked, and they also offer a flexible way to make extra money.

Seniors who can lift 30 pounds or more, who have a car, and are excited by the prospect of keeping active walking the aisles of their local superstore can register to be a shopper and start earning money right away. Today’s digital shoppers can typically expect to make up to $10 to $20 per hour.

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[1] https://www.thebalancesmb.com/apps-to-start-side-hustle-4134658

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