The Senior’s Guide to Halloween Treats

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Your grandchildren look forward to Halloween for several reasons, but one of the best is certainly satisfying that sweet tooth. Being there to share in the memorable moments of Halloween means you’ll be watching children and adults alike partake in all of the delicacies of sweet fall treats. Don’t get discouraged though; we’ve compiled a list to keep you in the holiday spirit while still ensuring your health remains top priority.

Traditional Candies

While many traditional Halloween candies like Reese’s and Snickers are too high in sugars and calories for you to partake comfortably, there are other options among the assortment in your grandchild’s haul that you’ll be surprised to find are actually fine to eat in moderation. For example, a fun size Kit Kat bar only has 70 calories and 7 grams of sugar, as compared to a single Reese’s Cup with 105 calories and nearly 11 grams of sugar. Other savvy options include Hershey’s Dark Chocolate with Almonds, or Almond M&Ms as opposed to straight milk chocolate. Lastly, for those of you that don’t prefer chocolate, there are sugar-free Jelly Beans, sugar-free Gummy Bears, as well as fun-size Strawberry Twizzlers, which have only 5 grams of sugar. Choosing fun size options is always a more responsible bet, and remember—limit yourself to just one, or it’s a moot point.

Sugar-Free Chocolates

The first thing of note when purchasing sugar-free chocolate is that it isn’t exactly sugar-free. Companies that create these options for diabetics or others trying to reduce their sugar intake actually use a sugar alcohol called maltitol. Although not all sugar-free chocolates do contain maltitol, a fair number do so it’s still important to keep moderation in mind, as maltitol does have laxative effects in large quantities. But when you just want a little chocolate pick-me-up to feel like one of the group, here are some recommendations: Galler Belgian Royal; Yamate Chocolatier Sugar Free Milk Chocolate; Dove Sugar Free Rich Dark Chocolates with Chocolate or Raspberry; and  Weight Watchers Pecan Crowns.

Maintaining your health is a full-time job that only gets more difficult during the holidays, and it isn’t simply watching what you eat that counts. Research shows that stress, lack of exercise, and lack of agency all contribute to imbalances in our bodies. But, taking care of yourself and having a little fun too isn’t always cost effective. For senior Americans that need an income boost, for anything from health to vacations to home repairs, there’s always the option of a Life Settlement.

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