Dating in Retirement: Tips for Seniors on Valentine’s Day

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Dating in retirement has many benefits. You won’t be navigating the hormones and confusion that come along with dating for many younger individuals, and you’ll know that your prospective partner has life experience and stories to share. However, the world of dating has changed quite a lot since today’s baby boomers were in their 20s and 30s. No longer do we cozy up at restaurant shops and share sodas. Today, a large percentage of dating occurs online. In fact, use of online dating sites has nearly tripled since 2013. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll need to start up your computer to get a date, but it may make getting back out there feel more like a toe at a time rather than a dive right in.

Meeting Mature Singles

Meeting other single seniors is easier depending on where you’re located. If you’re a single man, you’re more likely to find seniors your age on the coasts, with larger concentrations in harbor cities like Boston. For older women, it’s much more difficult because the ratio of single women to single men is 5:2. Despite this disparity, older women are gaining confidence with using online resources to date, and they’re dating younger men. Whether you prefer to meet in person or online, the benefits of online dating are pretty straightforward. You’ll get a chance to learn a little about your potential date and decide whether they’re worth your time. Also, you’ll have an opportunity to test out your flirtations in a less stressful environment where you have time to think before responding. With online dating, there are plenty of options to help narrow your focus. In the same way you might join a group to meet people in person, you can find dating sites based around shared interests or religion, for example Plenty of Fish and JDate.

If you’re still on the fence about using the internet to help boost your dating life, consider joining a book club or your local YMCA. Staying active in your community helps keep you connected. If you’re single and looking to retire somewhere with a higher percentage of single seniors consider Columbus, GA, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Memphis, TN, Quincy, MA, and any of the others on this list compiled by the Chicago Tribune.

Staying Safe

One of the often-unaddressed aspects of dating as a senior is engaging in safe sex. Studies show that STDs are on the rise among senior communities. Between 2007 and 2011, Chlamydia transmission between people ages 65 and up increased by 30%, while syphilis transmission increased by 52%. Just because pregnancy is no longer a primary concern for senior Americans, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use standard protection in the form of condoms. There are many reasons why STD transmission among seniors is growing. For example, many doctors don’t think to check senior patients for STDs during examinations, and many seniors will not speak to their doctor about STDs due to embarrassment. But, practicing safe sex can help prevent the worry in the first place. Always remember to be open about your sexual history with your partner and to get tested when you engage in sexual activity with a new partner.

Although it might not seem this simple, finding your soulmate in retirement is possible. Whether through online dating or meeting in person, keep in mind that you can take as much time as you need to get to know someone. However, when that Mr. or Mrs. Right strikes your fancy, it can be tempting to want that new beginning to stretch as far as you can. Finding the financial liquidity to make the most of your sunset years with your partner can happen however.

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Case Study:

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