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4 of the Worst Estate Planning Mistakes and Their Consequences

(3 Minute Read) Fewer than half of American seniors have a will or trust document, according to’s survey of adult children. That means a huge population of potential clients aren’t even considering estate planning. However, even if clients have

Do Retirees Still Need Life Insurance

(2 Minute Read) During their working years, people often buy life insurance as a safety net in case of tragedy. When a forty-something with kids, a mortgage, or other debts suddenly dies, life insurance is usually necessary to ensure their

Best states to retire in

The Four Best States to Retire In

(3 Minute Read) Getting ready for retirement is difficult. But, choosing where to live during retirement doesn’t have to be. When considering the best states for retirement, one method is to go the traditional route of living near family and

Retirement: Where Does All the Money Come From?

(3 Minute Read) Seniors gearing up for retirement have a difficult task ahead of them: planning out an entire retirement’s worth of finances. Many don’t fully realize where all of their retirement funds come from to begin with.