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How Much Do You Get for Selling a Life Insurance Policy?

Did you know you can sell all or a portion of a life insurance policy, even term insurance? (4-minute read) Most people purchase life insurance when they are looking for ways to protect their family’s financial stability in the event

The Case for Elder Care Specialists in Financial Advising

(3 Minute Read) It’s hard to decide on a single reason that we need more genuinely-committed elder care specialists in the financial planning industry. Is it simply based in numbers, because over 13% of the US population is aged 65

4 of the Worst Estate Planning Mistakes and Their Consequences

(3 Minute Read) Fewer than half of American seniors have a will or trust document, according to’s survey of adult children. That means a huge population of potential clients aren’t even considering estate planning. However, even if clients have

2017 Health Insurance Marketplace Open Enrollment

(2 Minute Read) With the Health Insurance Marketplace entering its second consecutive year, it’s still a new and mysterious thing for many people, especially those who haven’t been properly educated on the subject. For 2017, we wanted to examine some

The Big Misunderstanding About Term Policies

(3 Minute Read) Many advisors believe that term life insurance policies are worthless once the need is gone or the term expires. But there’s a big opportunity that most advisors miss out on with term policies, and they’re letting it

$112 Billion in Missed Opportunities

(2 Minute Read) Even as awareness of the life settlement market grows, seniors still miss out on an astounding amount of money from lapsed life insurance. In a recent article by Darwin Bayston, he highlights that over 250,000 universal and