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Living as a retiree means two things: more time with family and living on a fixed budget. With the school year on the horizon, it may be time to take the grandkids to the stores for back-to-school shopping. Doing so can be a relatively painless process when you’re taking advantage of great coupons and saving strategies. Check out these tips for shopping for school supplies without spending too much.

Buy School Supplies Early

Sales are cyclical, and that undoubtedly applies to the weeks before school is back in session. For instance, Amazon advertised many deals during its summer Prime Day for items like backpacks, lunchboxes, crayons, and markers. Even in the dog days of summer, taking some time to do research online may lead you to some great prices before the crowds start filling the stores.

Buy School Supplies in Bulk

Buying larger quantities can often lead to greater savings. This model is the same used by shoppers’ clubs like Costco or Sam’s, where buying in bulk results in discounts. While we apply this concept to food and beverage items, this idea can be used even more efficiently in school supplies. For instance, one does not need to worry about 1,000 pieces of paper, or 100 pens going bad in storage. Check with your local provider or consider simply searching for bulk school supplies online to take advantage.

Check for School Supply Coupons

If you’re a savvy shopper, you likely know to turn to coupons as a great way to get purchases for less. But rather than scouring newspapers and mailers for clipped coupons, the digital age has made it far easier for consumers to get discounts. These vouchers are often available online through websites and phone apps, meaning you don’t have to do much more than click and download. Trends are heading in this direction, as statistics show that digital coupon redemptions totaled $47 billion in 2018, with more than 25 million Americans using couponing apps to hunt down these savings. School supplies are no exception, as a simple search for “school supply coupons” returned tons of free discounts like the ones found here.

Tablets for School Work

Though we may think of spiral notebooks, loose-leaf paper, and carefully sharpened pencils for school supplies, tablets and iPads are proving to be a primary method for getting work done. In fact, 78% of elementary school students said they regularly use tablets for school work. Because tablets are not only used for school, though, it may be best to consider checking out deals during times like Cyber Monday or even around the holiday season.

Though you may not be responsible for every school supply purchase, it’s always fun to help grandchildren get ready for the coming school year. Using these shopping tips can help to offset the costs of purchasing these goods.

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