Autumn Health and Safety Hazards for Seniors

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The leaves will soon be changing and the weather’s even starting to get chilly. As much as fall is a time for enjoying nature’s beauty, it’s also a time to prepare for oncoming winter weather and health hazards. For seniors, cooler temperatures can bring infections like colds and the flu. Racks of boots and muddy shoes, leaves tracked into the house, among other things, can increase the risk of falling as well. Keeping yourself or your senior loved one safe at home during Autumn and helping prepare them for winter doesn’t have to be a mess of chores. Here’s a handy list to help start the process.

Wear Layers

Fall can be frustrating to dress for. Heavy coats aren’t necessary, but lighter coats aren’t enough. To combat these difficulties, try dressing in layers. The air pockets between your clothes will trap your natural body heat, making it easier to maintain a consistent temperature. Just as in the summer, when going from extreme outdoor heat to the chill of the air conditioning can be dangerous for seniors, so too can going from the lower outdoor temperatures into a building blasting heat. Dressing in layers means you can easily remove one or two items of clothing and gradually adjust to new temperatures so as to prevent fainting or dizziness.

Get your Flu Shot

According to the CDC, elderly individuals are at high risk for the flu—in fact, 71 percent of flu related fatalities that occur in America are seniors. Therefore, it’s recommended to get a yearly flu shot, as well as, to take precautions around people who’ve developed the infection, such as encouraging them to cover their nose and mouth if they cough or sneeze and to wash their hands consistently. Although some seniors might never have had a flu shot, or might have misconceptions about flu shots, it’s not dangerous to get the vaccine.

Outdoor Precautions

Fallen leaves can pile up on walkways and driveways and create a hazard for senior citizens. If you can’t maintain your yard on your own, consider hiring someone to do so. Even leaving your house to retrieve the mail can present danger, as leaves collect underfoot and lessen the tread and resistance of your shoes.

Prepare for Emergencies

Changing weather can cause storms and power outages. Take care to stock up on easy to prepare food as well as bottled water so that you’re ready if the power goes out. Other items to consider are Sterno, candles, batteries, flashlights, and extra blankets. Here’s a great list of emergency supplies worth keeping within reach as the weather begins to shift.

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