Life Settlement Advisors have put together this page to assist Advisors when working with clients in regards to settling life insurance policies. Herein, you will find links to the different brochures that can be presented to your clients, as well as sample text to use as a basis when contacting clients. For further information or questions not immediately answered on our website, please contact us for further assistance.

What is Needed When Working on a Life Settlement Case

Brochures, letters to clients and general information to answer questions your clients may have and to help streamline the process.

1. Sample text for letters to clients – This text can be used as a base for letters to clients.

Hi (insert name),

Thank you for your interest in the life settlement market.

I thought you would find our white paper and brochure on the life settlement market very informative.

The ideal client is a male or female in their mid-70’s or older that has had a change in health since the policy was issued. Term policies can be sold as long as they are convertible.

An exception to this guideline would be a male or female in their 60’s to early 70’s that has multiple chronic medical conditions and a significant health change has taken place since the policy was issued.

The most common life insurance policy sold is universal life. Minimum death benefit is $100,000.00.

In addition, our website is At the top of the page, click on the word Advisors. For additional information on this page click on the word “Advisor Resources”.

Below are case qualifying questions:

Current Medical conditions
Policy Type (universal life, Term, whole life, Joint survivorship)
Death benefit
Policy loans


2. Sample text for letters to advisors – This text can be used as a base for letters to advisors.

Hi (insert name),

Thank you for contacting Life Settlement Advisors.

Good talking to you today.

Attached you will find our brochure and questionnaire. In addition we will need the following information.

Copy of the entire policy
Most recent annual statement
Current illustration showing minimum premium to maturity
Completed questionnaire

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and your client.


3. Life Settlement Tools – In this next section you will find links to the brochures available to share with your clients as well as any questionnaires that will need to completed.

“Unlock a Hidden Asset” brochure provides a quick overview of the advantages of invoking a life settlement on your clients life insurance policy.  Download our “Unlock A Hidden Asset” Brochure
The Life Settlement Questionnaire, is the takein form to be completed by or on behalf of clients considering the process of settling their life insurance policies.Download our “Unlock A Hidden Asset” Brochure