6 Advancements in Healthcare Technology

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Financial advisers know that real-time data and information has become essential to many of their clients, especially seniors preparing for retirement. This is also true in healthcare. Today patients have more insight into their health than ever before. Technology allows vital data and control to be in the hands of individuals like your senior clients. With these tools, today’s seniors can expect better health outcomes than ever before, and take major steps towards good preventive health care to keep them in top shape as they enjoy their goHere are some of the cutting-edge devices and software your clients might find interesting as they take charge of their health and wellness.

Smart Inhaler

Smart inhalers are helping everyone from asthmatics to COPD patients get better insight into their conditions. Many times people can’t tell you how often they use their inhaler or if they need it more at some times than others. It can just get hard to remember, especially as we get older. With a smart inhaler, an app used in tandem with the prescription Bluetooth devices tracks how often the medicine is used. Some apps can even send reminders or alerts about factors like allergens, when the inhaler might be needed.

Mobile Ultrasound  

Recovering from surgery or medical procedures is stressful enough without having to make many follow-up trips to the doctor. Ultrasound wands that are compatible with mobile devices allow an ultrasound to come to you after joint replacements, heart surgery, or other invasive procedures that might limit mobility. These cutting-edge imaging devices can connect to a tablet or phone or both, depending on the manufacturer.This brings patients the info they need right to their doorstep.

Smart Fork

One of the foundations to a healthy lifestyle is control of eating habits. As older individuals try to change habits developed over a lifetime, there are now tools to help with that. The HAPIfork is an electronic fork that lets you track and improve your eating habits. The fork monitors the speed you eat at and intervals between bites to let you know when you are eating too fast. This doesn’t just help with weight management but can also reduce heartburn and improve digestive issues too.

Gluten Detector

Some older people might be encouraged to eliminate gluten from their diet to fight inflammation or other chronic conditions, or after a diagnosis with celiac. Depending on the degree of your gluten sensitivity, and your budget, there are several options on the market to test foods for gluten. Some kits like GlutenTox require you to grind up the food in question and mix it in a solution for analysis, while the Nima system can be carried in a purse to test food anywhere. This can come in handy for gluten-sensitive grandkids, too!

Remote Heart Monitor

Between regular physicals or check-ups with a cardiologist, some older people might want to keep track of their own vitals by monitoring their own heart rate. Popular devices like the Fitbit or iWatch come with built-in wearable heart monitors that make it more obvious than ever when something is off beat. More professional-grade technologies like the BodyGuardian Heart help remote teams of doctors monitor patients who are comfortable at home. This way even those in need of more treatment can still avoid a lengthy hospital stay.

Telemedicine Apps

Of course, each of these devices is best used with the support of a doctor. Luckily, that has gone digital too with a wide array of telemedicine apps. These apps allow people to make remote appointments with a physician or specialist, sometimes even the same day. Now patients anywhere can get access to an expert opinion about symptoms during odd hours, or even get a second opinion in no time.

These are just some of the stunning advancements on the market that keep senior patients more in control of their health than ever. When it comes to staying in control of finances, don’t forget about a life settlement as an option to sell some or a portion of an unwanted life insurance policy.

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