Life Settlement Investors

Investors gain a diversification strategy within their portfolio as a life settlement is considered a non-correlated asset.


For investors in life settlements, having an abundance of available policies for sale is great news. Life settlements are always bought at “discounted rates”.

At MS Preferred, we believe one of the most important factors for our investors is in choosing the most desirable policies available for sale today. If our investors earn healthy returns, they will continue to invest with us year after year.

Benefits of Life Settlements

Some of the primary reasons investors have chosen to invest in life settlements are:

  •  Life settlements are alternative investments that diversify an investor’s portfolio
  •  Life settlements have no correlation to traditional markets and asset classes
  •  Upon maturity, life settlements have a known policy maturity value
  •  The policies are provided by highly rated (“A” or better) U.S. life insurance companies, including John  Hancock, MetLife, Lincoln Financial Life
  • While exhibiting low volatility, life settlements have a potential for strong returns
  • Life settlements are always bought at discounted values to their intrinsic value

 The Advantages of Investing in Life Settlements

-Our life settlements have distinct advantages for investors looking to diversify their portfolio:

  • All investor’s money is safeguarded, held and administered by Bank of Utah.
  • Given the recent market volatility and uncertainty with the economy, life settlements have become increasingly popular with sophisticated financial advisers and their clients
  • Life settlements have consistently outperformed the S&P 500, the Credit Suisse Tremont Index and US Bonds, while exhibiting a lower volatility;

-Investor have opportunity in a growing market:

  • Investors have bought and sold billions of dollars of life settlements over the last 20 years.  Currently the market is $30 billion, and over the next decade is expected to grow to $150 billion.  This market was established by institutional investors and now through MS Preferred, individual investors can participate in its explosive growth.

-Life settlement investments have no correlation to stock market risks:

  • “Life settlements are one way to reduce a portfolio’s exposure to sudden downturns in the stock and bond markets,”-Conning Research & Consulting, Inc. 2007 study, “Life Settlement Market: Increasing Capital and Investor Demand”.
  • Wall Street firms, such as AIG and Berkshire Hathaway, have known that life settlement investments have no correlation to economic risks for years and have wisely invested hundreds of millions of dollars into life settlement portfolios.


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